Tom Sawyer Island


Another one that I have never seen…
Am I missing out on this?:confused:


Eh, it’s nothing to write home about. But it was a nice diversion for a little while. We roamed the island at a leisurely pace, sat and took a break for a while, and enjoyed the shade. To me, everything at WDW is worth trying once. Then you’ll never second guess yourself and you’ll know what to do again or skip the following trips! :happy:


I agree, if you think you want to try it do because that’s the only way you’ll truly know if it’s a fun thing for your family.

We’ve only done TSI once and that was enough–it was too hot in July.


We love it!! It’s nice a little break from the “regular” busy parks. Plus if you find the paint brush that Tom and Huck left out in the woods you get a free fastpass! The old fort is pretty creepy but nostalgic and the barrell bridge is lots of fun.


Yeah, DS was pretty into looking for the paintbrush. That was fun. Not sure a 3-yr-old would really get into it, but maybe. I agree, it is a nice break from the crazy crowds.


that depends on how young your kids are. Our boys LOVED it there. Guess why :biggrin:…the guns in the fort!!!
It’s a nice little place out of the way. Injun Joe has his cave there.

We always went when the boys were under 10 years old :wink:


I love Tom Sawyers Island…it isn’t a thrill ride or a show. It is just having a little adventure. Be sure to go to the fort and climb to the top and shoot the guns. They have great sound effects. On a side note, does anyone know if the merry-go-round and see-saw are still on the island? I missed them last trip!


There’s no secluded romantic spots that you can’t be discovered in, so what good is it?
Same goes for the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.


If you have nothing planned, but dont make a special trip to it.


It’s ok if you have young kids with too much energy to burn. There’s lots of walking around and not a whole lot to do/see.


We went for the first time last year and we enjoyed it. THe tunels/caverns where pretty cool and the old fort and the water bridge, just don’t let your little one’s go in the caverns alone as they might get loss.


It’s really nice in the middle of the day when your kids are completely overstimulated by all the sights and sounds and sugar! You can let them run as fast as they want, and they can climb, and hide and go over the bridge and into caves and shoot guns. It recharges them, and when you get back into the parks, they are ready to go for the afternoon!


I tried for years to get my boys to go… I finally succeeded last August (they waited until they were 17 to agree, go figure!) It was blazing hot on the way to the island but a nice quiet, calm break during a very hot day. It would be great break for an overstimulated 7 year old, a chance to calm down, but don’t tell them there are no rides or the won’t go. We all enjoyed doing something new.


We have never done this, butwant to try it one day, so maybe we will this time.


When answering this post, you were suppose to take out the adult brains and screw in your child brains :tongue: :cool:


I can attest to the fact that my DH screws in his child brain the moment we hit the ME Bus at the airport…:laugh:


LOL! For us, it’s when we have all our luggage together and we walk across the street at the airport past the waterfalls to pick up the rental car! WHAT IS IT ABOUT THAT AIRPORT???


Same here. What good is it if you can’t have fun :laugh:

You should see my 6’4 Mike skipping down Main Street and running around the caves on TSIsland :laugh: He tries to scare me every time :pinch:


My most memorable memories of WDW include this attraction.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: mine would be >2** lbs, giggling … you don’t want to see him skip… The longshoremen he works with would never believe it.