Tom Sawyer Island


My DH came home from work the other day after talking to a coworked who had just been to WDW. He was telling my DH about a treasure hunt on TSI. On the first boat over they told them about finding paint brushes whoever found them won a prize…has anyone ever heard of this?


Yep, the CMs hide colored paintbrushes and if you find one you can turn it in for fastpasses for one ride. My son was seconds from one when another family grabbed it.


Thanks and man you are quick to respond!


Didn’t they use to have lemonade at Tom Sawyer’s Island? I’ve dragged my brother over there the last couple of times we’ve been there, but the drink place is never open. This could use a bit of an update.


Are you thinking of Aunt Polly’s? The building is there but I haven’t seen it open lately.


I have seen the drink place but it has never been open when I was there either.


Yeah, Aunt Polly’s. Maybe Aunt Polly went on a long vacation.


in 2007 I heard about that too on another forum. when we went to disney I asked the CM’s about it and they said yes, that it is true. the first time we did it we got super lucky we found 2 brushes. but, on our way to leave TSI we saw a little boy running to a bush and then someone went and grabbed something and it was another brush, the boy started crying. we felt bad and gave him one. when you turn it in they give you a fastpass for a party size of up to 4 for thunder mountain or splash mountain.


That is really neat. Does this go on all day or only for the first boat over? What time does TSI open?


It is fun. Unfortunately the last time we went, some family (two adults and one child) had found four out of the five brushes and turned them all in. Greedy. :angry: DS was NOT happy about that.


We tried to find one on our last trip and when we couldn’t find any, we asked a CM if they were all found. The CM said they were. We were pretty bumbed. You must have to get there as soon as it opens. We were there about a 1/2 hour after it opened.


I’ve never heard of these paintbrushes, my kids love exploring the island.

My husband and I ate at Aunt Polly’s in 94 while on our honeymoon, we had fried chicken and lemonade, it was really good. Everytime we go to MK we hope that Aunt Polly’s will be open again but it never is.:sad:


I have heard of these, but never have found one. Admittedly, we don’t go over there very often anymore though. I kind of wish they would change it to be more like TSI in DL. They have added pirate theming and it looks like a lot of fun. There are actual pirates on the TSI in DL.


I really like lemonade. Chick-Fil-A makes me happy.


Very fun tip! I had never heard about this - thanks for sharing it.


Actually haha yes, Your finding Aunt Polly’s Missing Paintbrushes


to have any chance of getting the paintbrushes you need to be on one of the first boats over. I’m not sure but I think it opens at 11am but usually there are A Lot of people in that line and usually by what we’ve seen and spoken to the other guests they have done it everyday and found some or they live in the orlando area and do that every weekend so they know almost all the hiding places. which is a bummer.