'TomKat' & Suri spend Valentine's Day in the MK


TomKat’s Family Valentine’s Day

That would have been cool to see them in WDW.

PS: How does this work? How do they ride attractions & get around the park? I am dying to know how it’s done without mass chaos.


I’m sure for stars like this their private tour guide will do everything possible to keep them out of site.


Thanks for the link. That is so cool for little Suri. I bet they have an entourage of people with them.


A friend’s sister is famous and was escorted with her family at WDW. They didn’t wait in any lines since they would have been mobbed.


will you tell who your friend’s sister is? Not divulge anything seedy, just curious…


Once when in WDW we saw Kelly Ripa’s husband with the kids (Kelly was taping the xmas parade). They had a tour guide and went into attractions through the back way. We were in line for AK Safari and they appeared out of nowhere.


Makes sense since he drove the pace car today at the daytona 500 so thet were ‘in the area’


So, did they rename the Jungle Cruise to the ‘Tom Cruise’ for the day?


Wow I can’t imagine how many guest service people they must have had with/around them! :whistling

I remember the entourage that Paris nobody-gives-a-darn-about Hilton had when she was at Disneyland. :rolleyes: It was like parting the Red Sea everywhere they went! Ridiculous! Like I’m SO sure she would have been mobbed by all the seven-year-olds there with their parents… :dry:

Edit: Is it just me, or does it look like that lady in the background of the last picture is holding a Suri-size Belle dress too? Was that in case she changed her mind about her favorite princess in the middle of the day?? :laugh:


Dang! 2 years ago we were in WDW on Valentine’s Day and we saw no famous people!:mad::laugh:

We saw Joey Fatone once on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. He was with about 6 people and they just went through the turnstile that fast-passers go through.


I’m pretty sure the woman in the background holding the Belle dress is Tom’s mother.


There is an entire staff of people at WDW who are there for the sole purpose of helping VIPs during their stay. I can’t remember the site where I read about it, and I can’t even remember the job title. But apparently when VIPs come to the world, they have special requests that WDW tries to accommodate and so forth, and they get help around the parks too. NICE job to have!


To me, that would take all the fun out of going to Disney!


Well that makes me feel a little better. At least it’s not like Suri’s own personal assistant or something. :laugh:


I find it pathetic the kind of attention celebs get just because they try and go out and do things like normal people. “Like oh my god! Tom Cruise just ate a french fry, I’m going to die!”, or “I am so blessed, I saw Suri Cruise have her nose wiped by her mommy…can my life get any better?”. It’s really sad.


But they couldn’t enjoy walking around like you and I because people would mob them. Sad but true.


I agree! They often have to duck backstage to avoid groups of people too. I’m sure some see that as a perk (Johnny Depp spends a lot of time backstage when he’s at Disneyland; he enjoys it) but I think that would really stink. :sad: I wouldn’t want to have to go back there just to avoid getting mobbed. That would really throw a wrench in the whole feeling of “magic”. :frown:


That’s cool.

Someone on DIS said they saw Tom Cruise at MK a few days ago.

I recall reading/hearing that when Prince Harry and Prince William went to WDW, they used the utilidors at MK to get around throughout the park. But I don’t think most celebrities do that.


We saw the Rock and his family at the Crystal Palace last August. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link to the pictures!