Tommorowland Noodle Station


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Sounds interesting.

"15 February 2006: Tommorowland Noodle Station to get menu enhancements

The Tommorowland Noodle Terrace, which seems to be closed more than it’s open, is set to reopen soon with a new menu. Traditional items, such as chicken strips and chicken Caesar salad, are set to join the noodle offerings. The opening date remains to be confirmed."


We saw this place during our trip in Dec 05, but after we had already eaten. It actually looked pretty decent. We plan to check it out on our next trip. I wonder if they added the “more traditional” menu items cause they got complaints that they couldn’t feed picky eaters there…


I wasn’t too impressed with it the one time I ate there. The egg rolls are better in the Chinese fast food place in Epcot.


We ate there last trip - and didn’t like it at all. The food was pretty tasteless and some of it just tasted “off”. The noodles were extremely greasy. We all felt queasy afterward. I wouldn’t eat there again.


My dad wouldn’t eat here because he wanted New York Chinese food. :\

Are the noodles not popular? I was there for Christmas and the place was packed. But then again, so was Cosmic Ray’s, Pinocchio’s, and everywhere else. Hmm.


DW wants to eat there when we go in May, but I have heard nothing but bad reviews of the place so I am thinking maybe we will skip it. However should she force me to eat there I will post my review.


We liked it, as it was something different from the old burger, fries or chicken.

I wouldn’t plan to go there, but if you are passing by and hungry give it a shot.


I have gone there and was not impressed we love thai food and well the pad thai didnt taste like we are used to and we didnt like it at all we were so disappointed because we chose that over columbia house or Peco bills two of our favorites to go to it


I found your post very funny…

If you just happen to be walking by, and have been fasting for 6 days and feel like you are gonna pass out from malnutrition, then give it a try… :laugh:


We liked it when we went in December. I found the food to be just as good quality as any of the other CS places, but it was nice to have a change from the usual burger & chix nugget offerings.

I’d definitely go back. Now that they’re adding chix Ceasar salad, that will offer something for everyone in my family.


That’s what I was thinking. They had to offer some stuff for the picky family members that don’t do Chinese food…


I walked by there yesterday and it was open with the new menu. It has definitely gone a little more traditional, but there were still some dishes that looked good that can’t be found elsewhere in the MK. But there was absolutely no one eating there, so it was almost a little disheartening. All the cast members were standing by the registers almost with a look of begging on their faces for someone to come over. It was interesting.


Poor, lonely, Noodle Station CM’s… Somebody, anybody, order an egg roll, they’re look so sad… :crying:


Wow. I’d be there if I was there. Well…you know what I mean.


We love all Asian food - maybe we’re a bit snobbish about it - but what really turned me off was the greasy feel of the noodles. They left a coating of grease in my mouth - very nasty. I always look at that space as kind of uninspiring. Not really a “Disneyish” place to eat.


I’ve read the menu for the noodle station, and it just sounds icky to me. It sounds like the kind of food I would like, but not coming from a theme park. Y’know? :pinch: From a genuine Thai restaurant or something, I’m sure that food would be fantastic. But from Disney, it sounds like it would make me hurl.

They should make it more like Pizza Port at Disneyland. With pizza, salads AND pastas, nobody ever complains! You can feed every kind of eater. Plus the food is GREAT!

I guarantee if they brought Countdown Chicken Fusilli over there, it would get RAVE REVIEWS! :tongue: :biggrin:


Ok, I guess I’m going to be the odd one again. We liked it a lot when we ate there (granted this was over a year ago). I thought the food was tasty, not great, but for CS asian above average. Better than Lotus Blossom or Nine Dragons (and less expensive that Nine Dragons as well)