Tomorrow I will be at Disney, how about you?


We leave for Disney tomorrow afternoon at 2:45 PM. I should get there around 5:30 PM, just in time for the P&PP at 7 PM. It’s supposed to be hot and humid. I expect HS to be a bit busy because of TSM opening this week, but, the rest of the weekend looks like it just might be okay crowd wise. They did bump it by one on, but, I think that has more to do with TSM than anything else.


How about me???.. not tomorrow… but in 11 more days.

Have a blast!!!


Ooooh I am jealous…but oh-so-happy for you too! :biggrin:

I will definitely not be there tomorrow…or anytime very soon. But I definitely look forward to hearing about YOUR trip when you get back! I hope the weather is fantastic and you have an amazing time!!


have a safe trip and bring us back an exciting TR


I am incredibly jealous but happy for you. Just be sure to let us know what a fabulous time you had in your trip report and don’t forget the pictures.


I wish you a very happy, safe and magical trip. Tell us all about it when you return.


I wish it was me! Hope your trip is AWESOME!


I’ll be working…yuck! :pinch: Have a blast! :cool:


I’ll be working too . . . but dreaming of Disney! ENJOY and say Hi to Mickey for me!! :happy:


Have a magical trip
*walks off totally jealous :pinch:


Ill be in work :frowning: Have a great trip!


Have a blast for me…I went in March and its seems soooo far away…and am not going back until Nov…soooo …please do a TR so I can salvate over your trip…and live through your experiences.


Already here. At MK for DDCT then Epcot for EMH tonight. Come and get me :biggrin:


I am channeling all my jealous into excitement for my trip in 20 days!!!


I am always in WDW in my head!

Have a magical trip and tell us all about it when you get back.



have a great trip- look forward to the TR too!


You’re probably almost there now! Hope you have a great time!


Have a wonderful, wonderful trip and let us know all about it when you get back!


OH, another trip report is on the horizon!! I will be there in 104 days!!

Safe travels and have a FABULOUS time!


Hope you are having a magical time!! So wish I was there, instead of work…