Tomorrow is Dana's 180 Days!


Dana, yay! Time to make your call in the morning!!!

Here’s wishing you all your favorite great Disney on-hold songs, a friendly and crafty CM who knows all the tricks to get the very best seating times, and the special treatment you deserve to go along with all your perfect planning! Can’t wait to hear if you get all your ADRs! :heart:


Yay Dana So glad its time for you to make your ADRS


So are you posting this for her so she can rest her dialing fingers? LOL…
She the planner that she is must be going NUTS!


I’m sure she is poised and ready to dial!


LOL!!! Nope, I am posting it so she can give those fingers a good workout tonight and have some healthy carbs at dinnertime for endurance… Those ADR calls can be LONG! :laugh:


This kills me. I’ve got a visit planned for about 6 weeks from now and I have yet to reserve a room, much less mock up a schedule.
And I’m not concerned!


I’m sure she’s got them all planned and ready to go. I’ll bet she gets everything she wants (fingers crossed).


Can’t wait to hear if you got everything you wanted! Let us know if you get your dream ADRs!


I can make my ADR is 35minutes!!!


I have to drive over an hour for a work “clean up” at another store…it will be 7am when I am on the road. I have two other people who are car pooling with me and already asked one of them to write down the confirmation numbers and times…I’ll call while I am driving…lol

Thanks for the thread!! I’ll let you all know what I get when I come home tonight…may not be till about 7pm or so,but I will definately tell you all…:heart:


Hall Of Fame dedication!!! :heart:


Good Luck Dana I am keeping my fingers crossed you got everything you need …


I am hoping she managed to keep the car on the road! I can so picture this call, and I want it to be a scene in a movie! LOL


I had my days written out on a piece of paper with the place I want and had a spot for the time and ADR# for the person to fill in… They had no clue…neither of them were disney people and just wrote down the info in the place I told them to as I shouted it out…lol

I got everything that I wanted and every time slot that I asked for. I guess there wasn’t many people calling for 8/24-8/31…lol

Here’s what I got

o’hanna at 5pm

momma melrose at 7pm

chef mickey b-fast at 10:20
captain jacks at 6pm

boma at 4:40

planet hollywood (can’t make this until 120 out)

1900 park fare b-fast at 9:55am

lecellier at 2:50

crystal palace at 8:05

I am really happy that everything was available and I had no issues at all. I didn’t exactly expect any as I didn’t get the hard to get places like CRT b-fast.


Great meals! Glad you got what you wanted Dana!:heart:




OOOooohhhhhhhh…so that’s why there is a glow over JOISEY tonight!:laugh: We thought it might be something nuclear…but now we know…LOL…:wub: :wub:


Way to go Dana… glad you got your Dream ADRs, and glad you kept the car on the road!


Where have you been missy??? I miss you!


Dana, your plans look GREAT!!!


Thanks kim! Did that transportation guide get there yet??