Tomorrowland is awsome how many ppl done the quests


ok diver quest is not too bad to do before u do the rest u have to do that one first. then they all seem to fall together. i am already on the second quest i just wish it would stop crashing or dc that seemed to happen alot to me yesterday when i was playing the game and vmk was very slow like a turtle yesterday as well and if u do not do the quest fast enough then u have to start over from where u last were at. thats the only down side to it and also ppl need to move out of the way once they get their clues that seems to be a big problem as well.


GRRR the crashing needs to stop. It has been running funny all week. I actually got tired of it and had to walk away from VMK.
I have done three of the quests already.
Use the advanced search to go to rooms where nobody else is.


good idea
i will do that i forgot about that advance stuff


I am CLUELESS about the quests.

Part of the problem could be that I don’t know my way around. Tom Sawyer’s Island frustrates me to NO END… I just can’t get the hang of those tunnels.

Any hints on how to get to the horseshoe there? Some girl said I had to go down a waterfall in Injun Joe’s Cave… did that… then…?


Yes, I know that I am a little slow…no need to point that out in future posts :biggrin:
I finally got through 85.000 points on fireworks (without anyone’s help !!!) to get my pink car, I then went to finally get my driver’s lisense and then I did the dreaded space suit quest.
Dreaded, because I could not get over 20.000 points on safari ever before. Not trying too hard, but still.
On the quest the first time through the safari I got over 39.000 points and the screen slows down and then goes black and that terrible little white bleep shows up telling me to sign on again.
That happened about 4 times until finally yesterday I got my space suit to now be able to shop at tomorrowland traders again, except, it’s the same old boring shop.
Now I vote for better merchandise in those stores. Not buying another thing until something new comes up. :huh: :angel: :biggrin:


PJ, then you’re up on the second plateau of Tom Sawyer Island and there by the bench is the horseshoe. Maybe you cannot see if if someone else is standing on it. Try again.


Thanks Dopey. I’ll try it again!

ps. I just joined vmkingdom… how AWESOME is that site!!!


what is this??


I think the quests are great ecxept the yellow off road car I went to play the Haunted Mansion Game and got more than was needed to win that task but it didn’t say i completed it so I have to try again! -Such is life! :slight_smile: