Tomorrowland Terrace Cafe (vegan and fireworks questions)


I booked Tomorrowland Terrace Cafe for the 4th of July fireworks for the date of July 3rd (Magic Kingdom does these fireworks on both the 3rd and 4th of July).

Anyways it’s an all you can eat dessert. I am a Vegan so I wanted to ask if anyone here knows about Vegan dessert items that they can or might can get.

Also I have walked past this place many times and I have seen tables. Can you sit down at the table to watch the fireworks? If you stand how crowded is it? I went ahead and booked it now, since I can always cancel later. I wanted to see if I could get some ideas. If I do cancel I plan to go over to the Grand Floridian and sit on the grass to watch the fireworks on July 3rd (I have done this before and I like it and I plan to do this on July 4th).


Can’t answer the questions about vegan offerings.
The serving area is in the middle, well away from viewing sightlines. There are tables right on the wall and you can sit. I can’t say how crowded it is now, but there are times before the dessert buffet that I’d seen very few people there and there are times Ive seen a good amount. This used to be a bit of an undiscovered viewing site, partly because the restaurant itself is rarely open and partly because it is not on the main path to Tomorrowland.
As for the 4th of July fireworks (which might or might not also be run on the 3rd) that is not a standard show in the least. It is a version of Fantasy in the Sky and is a fully mirrored presentation of the show inside the MK.


Have thought about asking someone from Disney dining if they know if there are Vegan desserts there? also might have some info on it.