Tomorrowland Transit Authority


DBF and I went on this for the first time this May and I must say, I was terrified. We went on so late, and no one else was on it!

I’d like to know more about it, any interesting facts? It was so interesting, but I was too busy being scared a masked murderer was going to come out of one of the CM doors. :laugh:


The TTA or as I call it, The People mover is a oldie but goodie at WDW…It’s a nice break from the parks and the people. You never wait long to get on it and it’s realxing and a great chance to act silly…lol I can’t believe you were scared on that thing…


I love the people mover (TTA)…we ride it two times in a row just for a nice relaxing break. On our trip last month DD and I were riding it one night and the lights came on in Space Mountain so we got to see that…that was cool!


Here are some great links about both the Wedway People Mover, and as it’s now called… the “Tomorrowland Transit Authority.” I always knew it as simply the “People Mover” and I’ve always loved it, just so relaxing moving so swiftly in the breeze. :laugh:

WEDway PeopleMover

Tomorrowland Transit Authority - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


:laugh: I love TTA!!! That’s one of my favorite rides in Tomorrowland. We rode it 3 times last week.


We love TTA as well. We ride it whenever we want to take a breather.


I love the TTA–I am not sure why but I could ride that thing all day long.


I am so glad to see that this ride is actually called Tomorrowland Transit Authority; my DS14 and DB36 insist that it’s called “The Blue Line”. Hooray for me…I’m right (as I always knew I was!:laugh: ). I love this ride to just get a break from the crowds.


Actually, my sister calls it the Blue Line Tram too. It’s marked “The Blue Line Tram,” but at the ride entrance and on the guide map it says “Tomorrowland Transit Authority,” so that’s what I call it.

I love it because the breeze is great.

Twice last week, we went into Space Mountain and the lights were on, so we got a great view of the coaster (hmm… Space Mountain was having a lot of problems… which made it scarier and scarier to ride.)


it is a great ride to take the little ones on when the older ones are riding space mountain. We rode this last time about 500 times… Still love it though!


I’ve been to disney a ton of times and it was my first time going on it, and it was just me and my boyfriend, I was so afraid but at the same time fasinated! Haha. It was pretty silly of me to get scared :confused:


Don’t you think your boyfriend would protect you from the masked murderer coming out of the CM door?


We love the TTA! We ride it several times each visit. When my oldest DS was just a tiny baby, we would ride it so I could nurse him. . . private, cool breeze and relaxing.


No! Because he was creeped too! Ha.:blink:


I found this:

Fun Facts of Tomorrowland Transit Authority

Fun Facts of Tomorrowland Transit Authority


we love TTA. It is a nice relaxing break during the day. we to have ridden it more than once just to take a break. we have also seen the lights on in SM very interesting.


I love TTA too and use it for a break and a cool down.


I absolutely LOVE TTA…it’s a MUST ride each trip! On a really hot day when you’re tired and cranky, just hop on for a ride or two and you’re instantly rejuvenated! :cool:


we love the TTA also, I enjoy sitting back and enjoying the breeze. It’s very nice when you are tired and need a break.


One of our all time favorites as well. “Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow…” :slight_smile: