Tomorrows Child Lirycs


Hi everyone.

As you can see in my Member’s name, I have a major crush on the song Tomorrow’s Child, that use to be played at the top of the ride Spaceship Earth.

Well, I really want it’s lirycs. I tryed to find but I had no success.

Does anyone have this lirycs?

I use to have, but a virus destroyed all my computer files and I had no backup.

By the way, Spaceship Earth use to be more enchanted with this song at the end.

Well, it’s impossible to please everybody.

I’m waiting for your answer.

Disney Hugs for you.



I don’t have them. Have you tried google…?


I’ve tried, but I had no luck at all.

I’ll keep trying.

Thank you

Disney hugs!


Here you go:

Tomorrow’s child / Gathering gifts from our past / Shaping a world
that will last / Holding the spark / As we embark / On a great journey
/ Together we’re learning to / Reach for hope and desire / Building a
world to inspire / Tomorrow’s child / Charting a brand new way / For
the Future World is / Born today! / Tomorrow’s child / Lighting the
path as we’re going / Seeing that knowledge keeps growing / Searching
through time / Longing to find / Answers to guide us / And dreams to
unite us / Helping us unlock the door / Showing us ways to explore /
Helping convey / Ideas of today.


Yay AM!! I was looking for them too!:slight_smile:


Hey, I try to help! :happy:

(And, since you were looking for them too Peppertink, you owe me a Lapu-Lapu!!) :tongue:


Hee hee…I meant for the thread…but okay…There will be one waiting for you at the Poly Bar…tomorrow…hope you can make it :wink:


I’m gonna try like heck to get there now!

(a free Lapu-Lapu is a free Lapu-Lapu! :tongue: )


Wow…talk about dedication! :wink:


It’s part of what makes me tick! :cool:


The Lapu Lapu or dedication? :tongue:



(In that exact order as well!)


It’s a good thing you answered the original question in this thread…cause you, not me, threadjacked again :tongue:


Oh Dear God!!!

How can I thank you for this!!!

I knew if there I a place I the world I could find the lirycs, this place would be here.


Disney Hugs!!


do you know who wrote the tomorrow child song in spaceship earth?:confused:


Ron Ovadia and Peter Stougaard.

Ron Ovadia’s home page



You’re very welcome! I’m glad I was able to help you TC! :happy: