Tonga Toast?


Where can I get this? Is it at only one restaurant? I’m a little sad that I don’t have any breakfasts scheduled where I can get it. We’re eating at Chef Mickey’s but no where else for breakfast. DH doesn’t like breakfast but I want Tonga Toast!


What is Tonga Toast?:confused:


Kona Cafe at the Poly


it’s banana stuffed french toast


I think there is a picture of it in the food pic thread! it looks delish - but we won’t be at kona (not even for dinner, unfortunatley) this time - gotta save that for a must do next trip!


Oh my heavens! That sounds like a dream.


Well, we’re going to Kona but we’re going for dinner! Bummer. :frowning: I wonder if I can order it to go one morning when we’re at the MK…


I just found on Allearsnet – you can also get Tonga Toast at Captain Cook’s Snack Company - a Poly - counter service! This takes care of my problem of not wanting to use a table service for breakfast and WANTING another taste of Tonga Toast!


Ahhhh, good to know whitba! Maybe I’ll just pay OOP and have that for breakfast one morning that we’re in MK since DH doesn’t like breakfast. :slight_smile:


If you have not seen the refurb of the food court at the Poly, it’s worth the trip.


I’ve never been to the Poly, ever. Going to add that to my itinerary…


You should really go there to check it out! I heard the remodel of Captain Cook’s is great!!! The resort is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. I stayed there once for 3 days and it is my favorite trip to date. I just love it there!

Have fun! And enjoy the Tonga Toast…yes, it’s DELISH!!!


Oh its delish all right, except don’t even ask how many calories are in it.:pinch:


It looks like the only day we’d be able to fit it in would be our first full day there. AND, I already have a Dole Whip Float, lunch at Pecos Bill’s and dinner at Crystal Palace planned! That seems like an awful lot of eating…Off to look at more options to eat Tonga Toast.


I’ve never had Tonga Toast and will definitely be trying it next trip!
I hope you get a chance to try it :slight_smile:


Boy do you have a lot of food cravings! Not that that it is a bad thing!


Don’t you know? There are NO calories in ANYTHING while you are at WDW!!! IT’S MAGIC!!! :laugh: