Tonight on the Family channel


Playing haunted mansion, Hercules, Aladdin, and drumroll please…Pinnochio. My kids haven’t seen it yet. So, we are excited. Glad I turned the tv on to see if anything worth watching was on. This means I will have to record my normal Saturday night COPS. Go pop some popcorn and curl up with your loved ones for a great disney movie night! :heart:


Hercules! I haven’t seen that movie in AGES!!!


LOL. I know. Not my fave, but ya know It’s a Disney thing, Right?


By the way, Little Miss Magic. Your screen name reminds of the mr men and lil miss books. Have you seen them? I am now in my 30’s, and they made some what of a “come back”. I bought my kids a set


No, I haven’t…

I got the idea for my username from Jimmy Buffet’s song, “Little Miss Magic.” I’m little, I’m a girl, and Disney is magical. It seemed fitting.