Tonight on the Travel Channel


…Disney on a Dime. 8:00 p.m. I hope some of you can watch it.

Here is a link to a couple of other Disney related shows.

Season Of Disney : TV Shows


YES! I am a freak for these. (silently dancing)


Happy to add to your freakiness!


Disney on a DIME?

Now THAT’S what I call FALSE advertising! :biggrin:


LOL… no kidding! I have seen this one, and like the others, I enjoy it just because it is Disney.


Yay!! I need a Disney Travel Channel fix!! I just set my TiVo!


Think i may have asked this before, but is it possible to watch this channel on line? I NEED A FIX.

62 Days to go!!!


I’m with bella but mines a DVR, anything Disney & it’s recording! LOVE IT!


Welcome from another Disney Travel Channel show freak!!! We have all four of these new ones and about half a dozen others on the DVR (what DID we ever do before the DVR?!?).

I think the tell-tale sign was when we asked our 5-yr DD what whe wanted to watch for 30 mins before bedtime, and she proudly replied “Samantha Brown’s Disney, I can’t wait to ride the Tower of Terror!” :ohmy:

Prezcatz Paul


Thanks…I watch them everytime they are on.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I am so with you. My DD also can’t understand why other people have to watch commercials! :laugh:

I’ll be watching this tonight. Again. (it’s already set to record!) :happy:


Disney on a Dime. I wish.

Actually, I think that’s also the title of a book I saw at the bookstore. Again, I wish.

I’m going to record it anyway!!! :happy:


I love these shows…:happy: :happy:


Fun! Can’t wait to watch it! Thanks for the news!


Does that mean if I spend a dollar it will be 10 times better?


Thanks! Now I have something to do tonight…lol


I saw this a few weeks ago but I’m going to watch it again tonight, I need a Disney fix.

I liked the show but didn’t think it did a very good job of showing how a family really could do Disney cheap.


Well, they probably aren’t as savvy as all of us are. They don’t know all the tricks we know, and guess what, I’m not telling.


I am happy to provide your entertainment options.


Me neither! :laugh: I like that we have our own little money-saving secrets…WDW is getting too busy again…nobody else needs to know the GOOD tips! :tongue: