Tony's How do I Get An OUTSIDE Table?


I made reservations for 7:55 at Tony’s town tavern and when I asked the dining people for an outside table and she said that she could not reserve that over the phone any ideas on how to get an outside table?
The parade starts at 9:00 that night


THe parade started at 9 for us, and we had a ressie for 8:30.

I showed up at 8:10 - and I immediately asked for an outside table when I checked in - they said they would try - and they did it!

I think you have to ask when you check in - maybe check in for your ressie early eary early…

Oh, and the 8:30 reservation was perfect timing.


Erin thanks so much do you think that 755 is too early


just eat SLOWLY, and order dessert! Otherwise, it might be a LITTLE too early!
When are you going? Will it be during a busy time? Becuase if it’s not busy, it won’t matter, I bet they’ll let you sit - they let this one family near us sit and have coffee and wait.


we are going the first week on May


Hmmm…not TOO bad, right? You should be ok :c)

Eat slow!


Now when we went in September, I had the same idea in mind, but the parades never actually passed in front of the restaurant…they turned right at the end of main street and went right into the fence, never around the circle. We couldn’t see anything. Must have been because of the renovations going on at the RR station…I hope it works out for you, that would be an awesome view!!


Hmmmmm…I wonder why…

We were RIGHT behind the Goofy Bench (the one that will talk if provoked) and Spectromagic went right infront of us.


Two words: “Louisville Slugger.”


I am not sure if the slugger will work, not a good idea but my husband might think so :slight_smile:
Does the parade route change sometimes?


It can change, but not normally


so is the route normally right by Tonys then?


This link might help