Tonys opinions


I booked tony at mk for this trip. We couldnt decide between there or mama melrose.any other suggestions
I have bog, raglan road, narcooses and captains grille, beirgarden .then of course crystal palace for breakfast.leceller for lunch but we may change that


The last few review I read about Tony’s was super positive. I would keep it.


thanks Dana


I like the food at Mama Melrose marginally better, but I love the location at Tony’s, so I would lean towards keeping it.


we picked it well i picked it lol cause it looks so pretty… my dd who works there says it always smells good when she is standing outside… dh loves Italian I am ok with it so good to hear positive things. lol


If you are hitting Tony’s for the character interaction and location on an MK day it is great. Our ids alwaays enjoyed it. We always had fun.

But we never went there for the food. Don’t get me wrong, everyone left full. But it sure isn’t real Italian. Good, but basic that you could whip up at home without thinking.


My family and I LOVE Tony’s!!! Everytime we eat there we get great service and great food! We booked our reservation last time for 245 or something like that and asked for an outside table so we could watch the parade go by, it was great!


We haven’t been to Tonys in a long time…last visit it was just OK…so we haven’t been back…but the reviews on here have been better lately…I think I would try it again…


I guess I’m the negative here - we just found Tony’s food to be very “Chef-Boy-Ardee”. The noise level was deafening. Why does Disney insist on metal chairs on a concrete floor?:pinch:


…I guess it’s been so long that I have forgotten that it was metal chairs…it really has been a long time…

I will say that way back when…it was one of DDs favorites----she loved Lady and the Tramp when she was 3…so the atmosphere, pasta, theme etc was worth going for just for her.

…I’ve always felt that this restaurant was packed not because of food or theme…but because of its location…


The last time we were there was in 2011, but we found it to be charming. It is near the top of our list for our 2014 trip. The location is wonderful, the food was good and the atmosphere was wonderful.


Okay, I would personally like you to all stop talking about WDW food until I know if I’ve got free dining or not, because until I know, I can’t make my dining plans. This is making me a little crazy. You’re all VERY inconsiderate.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


The spaghetti isn’t great and the sauce is watery.
But the actual entrees are good.


we did tony’s for the first time on our lat trip and we came away pleasantly surprised ,the service was good as was the atmosphere,and location and the food was good,not great.But iw ould not rule it oput again in the future,my only issue was the quality of the sauce that being said everything else was very good…


Italian restaurants live and die on their sauce. I would no longer automatically say no to returning as I have in the past. I’ll just lower my expectations on my two gripe items and try to order around them.


What would u recc ordering


We enjoyed it! =)


I really like Tony’s, love the Chicken Parm you get soo much to eat! Plus I go to town on the rolls, I am always stuffed walking out of there.

I always wanted to eat there, every year myself and my immediate family goes down, so my parents didn’t want to eat there, but I got them to one year, used my birthday as the reason, and now they like it a lot.


We had a fantastic corner booth when we went there in 2012. Our waitress got the tables around us to cheer us on for a ‘noodle kiss’ and we had fun obliging their request!


We’ve eaten there and DH likes it…and he’s hard to please