Tony's Town Square--is it worth a visit?


We’ve never eaten at Tony’s and think it might be fun to try it out, but we have such a short time at WDW that we don’t want to waste time/money on a restaurant that we won’t love. We’re eating at Mama Melrose for our Fantasmic dinner package, so we WILL have the opportunity for italian food. Any thoughts? Anyone have this as an “every trip” restaurant?


I am interested in the responces here. Tony’s is one of those places that I have always wanted to try, but just haven’t.

On another note: you are going to love momma’s. It’s defiantely in my top 5 at WDW. I love the food.


What did you like at Mama’s, Dana? We were there last October, but I can’t remember loving anything enough to order it again. I’d love to hear recommendations.


I can’t add much here except to say that the only time I tried Tony’s was when they still served breakfast, and I had a great time. I’d give it a shot for dinner. While I’ve heard mixed reviews about the food, you definitely can’t beat the location.

As far as Mama’s, I’ve only been once and was disappointed. I’d be willing to give it another shot though. It very easily could’ve been just a bad day.


It was so-so for dinner. Try it to say you’ve been there, but don’t expect a great dinner.


We ate at Tony’s years ago and it was fine, nothing great but we had a nice lunch. If you change your mind look at the Plaza Restaurant, it is a hidden gem in the Magic Kingdom.


OK, I am a fan of BOTH. Although, if you say you have a short time I would leave Tony’s for a longer trip where you have a few nights to play around with ADRs. I personally think the offerings at Mama’s is a lot more sophisticated, variety and quality wise lending itself to dinner. Tony’s is good for sure, but I always preferred it for lunch better. Mamma Melrose’s atmosphere is pretty cool too. It has always been fairly quiet when I went and it’s warm there. Tony’s on the other hand is a little more “kiddie” and loud; that’s just IMHO.

Ummm, as far as recommendations at Mamma’s goes… I personally LOVED the Grilled Chicken flat-bread b/c I remember the presto on it tasting so fresh and the cheese was just the perfect amount. I don’t know if it is still on the menu but an entree I remember loving was a Penne with vodka sauce. My husband had some seafood dish that I can’t speak of, well, because I don’t eat seafood.

Anyway, I think you’ll love mamma’s and I would honestly save Tony’s for another time.


Mom really enjoyed Tony’s. I thought it was ok at best. I really like Mama’s


I had this pasta with hot italian sausage and mushrooms…omg fabulous. I didn’t go for the package that time however. I usually get the chicken parm for the package. That menu is limited unfortunately.


I hear you, guys. I’ll keep the ADR at Tony’s just in case, but we’re planning to go for 10 days in October (assuming roomie’s feeling okay) and that might be a better time to try it out.

And thanks for the Mama’s recommendations. Dana, I know I didn’t have the chicken parm last time, but I’ve heard good things so maybe that’ll be the entree of the night. Thanks!


You are welcome. It was the only thing that appealed to me on the fantasmic! menu. If you ever get the chance to go there just for dinner and not the package, try the sausage pasta…to die for!


We went to Tony’s one time for lunch a couple years back and I honestly wasn’t that impressed. Mama’s was good though !!


I went to Tonys this last time I was at the world and well I didnt like it at all The salad and the pesto and bread they serve are ok but my meal was ok my dh and I shared the steak it came out luke warm and the veggies came out cold I tried to send it back but the waiter said thats how they served it . I was so not impressed We said there are much better meals in Magic kingdom to go to this again ( CP or LTT )


I’d always heard good things about Tony’s, but when I finally went for dinner I wasn’t impressed. I really didn’t like the sauce they use, but if you like jarred pasta sauces, you might like it. Being that I live in South Jersey, which is highly populated by Italian-Americans, I’m more used to the homemade gravy-type sauces that they serve with their pastas.

I really liked the atmosphere, though. And I got this really cute souvenier mug when I bought their yummy peanut butter shake.


We have eaten there a couple of times since they stopped serving breakfast, the food was so-so not that great for the price. Tony’s was the best place for breakfast when they were serving it. Loved those hot cimmon rolls you got with your breakfast.


DITTO: My fam had high hopes for Tony’s and it def was so-so. I would not give it a complete THUMBS DOWN but I know my fam has no interest in eating at Tony’s again for sometime. :crying:
And for the record, we have never eaten at MAMA’s. :biggrin: