Tony's Town Square


Is Tony’s worth paying OOP for? I’m trying to finalize my ADR and this is the only one I would consider giving up in place of a CS meal. I’ve read very mixed reviews of it so I’m not sure. Please be honest. I know not everyone will have glowing reviews. Thanks


If I had other options that night, I’d just go somewhere else.


Anyone have suggestions on a TS for the MK? I am probably paying for it OOP so please don’t suggest something that requires a gold credit card cuz I sure don’t have one of those. I had no problem picking my other TS but this one has me all confused. Thanks



There are only three one credit places inside the MK. Tony’s, The Plaza Restaurant, and Crystal Palace.
Me? I always recommend Crystal Palace for the characters, the food, and the view.
Plaza Restaurant is a solid sandwich menu that isn’t that expensive and the offerings are probably pretty solid and middle of the road.

Plaza Restaurant Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World


Thanks for the quick reply. There are a lot of choices on the menu as opposed to Tonys. As always, thanks for your help.


I recommend Liberty Tree Tavern…it’s a family favorite that we go to every trip.


We went to Tony’s in April. The food was fine, portions a good size. It cost us $120 for a family of 6 - 2 kids meals and 4 adult. My DD went for the atmosphere since she loves the movie. She took pics and the waiter let her bring home 2 menus to frame in her room. All in all glad we went and can say we have been there but not in a huge hurry to go back.


I like Cyrstal Palace. Matter of fact Madison and I have a reservation there on Friday Sept 18th before MNSSHP