Tony's will be closed


for remodeling Jan.5-29, 2008.

just found out when making my ADR’s for our trip in jan. :laugh:

~but i was able to get chef mickey’s and the plaza at the times i wanted.:happy:


Well they are due for one…sorry you couldn’t get it for your trip though. Thanks for the info.


Sorry you were disappointed, but congrats on the other two ADRs!! :slight_smile:

side note: WOW! It is really hard to believe that we are 180 days out for Jan 08!!


I’ve never been to Tony’s, is it something I should check out in Aug?


We ate there this past June and it was very nice. The meatball sub is YUMMO!!


We enjoyed Tony’s last year, but we are not going back this year. We are trying to eat our way around the world, and only our absolute faves get revisited year after year.
I really enjoyed my steak at Tony’s last year, it was very good. The sun dried tomato pesto stuff is really yummy too.


we are actually going to be there on the 7th…maybe i miscounted my days when figuring the 180…anyway, makes no diff. got the ADRs i was hoping for…except for Tony’s.

now i am only waiting until we are 100 days out and my DD and i are going to make a WDW countdown chain. (thanks Dana for the idea!:wub: )


You are very welcome. Remember to change the colors of the links every ten days. It’s nice to have a countdown within a countdown to make the time seem like it’s going extra faster. We did a rainbow one this trip and started at 60days. Started with purple, then blue, green, then yellow, pink and ending with red.


We haven’t eaten there in 14 years. We have ADR’s for our August trip. Does it really need a tune up?


I sure didnt think so. I thought the place looked great. Believe me… I would have noticed! It may still look original, but it was very clean, well maintained, great service & food.


i will remember to change the colors…thanks! i totally agree about the thrill of a countdown within a countdown.:laugh:


Hmm…guess I’ll have to try it next time…I love meatball sandwiches! Heehee “YUMMO” made me giggle like a little girl:laugh:


I went to Tony’s last August for dinner and loved it so much that I’m going back again this August for dinner! We had a really late reservation (the last one before closing) and I was tired but our server was awesome and attentive. I didn’t think it needed any updates. I love the L&T fountain


Were you able to book at the hotels already for January? I thought 2008 was still closed to reservations. Thanks!

Sorry to hijack the thread a bit :redface: …


Thanks, we may have to check it out!!


Thanks for the head’s up. We’ll be there for Marathon weekend.


We’ll be there Jan. 2-8th, and Tony’s was actually on my list of places I haven’t been yet that I wanted to try. I’ll have to make sure to schedule it during our first 3 days! Thanks for the heads up!


I just love Tony’s, we have eaten there on all our trip.

If we do go to WDW it won’t be until the 2nd half of the year… keep your fingers crossed.


yes! you can book a room only ressie as far in advance as you would like…(even years in advance is what i have heard) they charge you the current rate and require your depost based ont hat…they will then later adjust the bal. due according to the prices for the time you booked once they are released.

we booked our room in march of this year for jan. of next year.


I like Tony’s, I ate there twice last year. The atmosphere is great, and the food was yummy too, I liked the pizza they had. The desserts weren’t as good as other places, but they weren’t the worst things either :happy: The servers are great, we had one really funny guy who kept playing jokes on us. It’s also hilarious how they all yell ‘Mamma mia!!’ whenever someone drops a plate. :laugh: