Too busy at Christmas?


I’ll be graduation from college on Dec. 21st…I was thinking as a grad present my family and I should go to Disneyland for Christmas! I’ve never been at christmas and it sounds amazing. But are the crowds just too big right at Christmas? I went in the end of January one year and it was amazing! NO lines anywhere, we went on Splash Mountain 5 times in a row without getting out of our seats because it was so dead there. Is it better to go in Jan. again and miss Christmas?


We are going down for Christmas & NYE. I have heard all kinds of stories. I would also be interested in learning what to except for crowds. It’s WDW though and I’m sure they will have things under control.

I really don’t plan going on many rides. The lights are incredible I have heard. I can’t wait!!!



Yes and no. Yes, it’s more crowded, but it’s magical, and so worth it. If you go for the Christmas experience, you won’t be disappointed. If you are only going to ride the rides, you might be.

At Christmastime - the best things to do are:

Haunted Mansion - Nightmare Before Christmas
It’s a Small World Holiday
The Christmas Parade
Fireworks and snow on Main Street
Just being there to soak up the lights and the magic.

Yes, it will be crowded, but if you slow your pace and go for the above reasons, you’ll get it all in and it will be a magical experience. The lights and decorations are absolutely amazing and it’s the best place to be at Christmastime, IMO.


I’m pretty sure she’s asking about Disneyland…


we went a few years ago the week before Christmas and it was not busy at all. It was so beautiful. I have heard that it gets really busy between Chistmas and New Years.


great! Thanks all! I reaaaaaally hope I can get enough money saved up, I won’t be working much since I’ll be in school. But who knows, maybe I’ll already be able to get discount flights! …(I’m going to Travel Agent school)


It doesnt really matter if it’s busy or not. You’ve been on all the rides so it’s no rush, you’re really just going to expirence the wonders at Christmas.
I think I might be going to Tokyo Disney at Christmas…but it’s really just up in the air.


Princess Tess, I think you will really like Tavel Agent school. My sister has been a travel agent for years. She gets free airline tickets to every place. She has been to Europe several times, to Hawaii 5 times, to Cancun, South America, to all inclusive resorts…the list goes on an on. She is in the Bahamas with her family this week. The travel benefits are great for travel agents. Have fun!!


oh wow! Thanks so much! I can’t wait! I start school on the 18th, and will be graduated by Dec. 21st 2005! I am hopefully going to become a Disney specialist, I really could not be more excited to do this!


Congrats on graduating!

Christmas at Disney is truly amazingly beautiful. If you go, try to take the Holiday Tour - well worth it.

We were there 12/04, the 18th through the 27th. Strictly in terms of crowds, the 18th through the 23rd were wonderful, the 24th was heavy, and on Christmas they closed twice due to reaching capacity. The 26 and 27th were heavy but bearable.

Went back January 13th through 18th and it was practically empty. Christmas decorations were gone, HM was closed the first 3 days we were there to transition back from NBC, and Small World was closed the whole time.



Thanks, for the info. We’ll be there from the 27th through the 2nd. I am so excited. How are the lights? I heard there a sight to be seen.



What is travel agent school. I would love to be a travel agent.


MJD…you are in the DLR forum…not WDW.


Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Thanks for the heads up!!! I can’t wait for Christmas week in WDW!!!



I was down last year from the 17th to the 23rd of December.

The weather was actually really nice, like middle of summer-time here in Washington state.

It was way worth it, The Haunted Mansion as someone else said was REALLY cool, all the lights and special decorations are great too.

I’d say go for it.



im going down for New Years Eve…im kinda worried it’ll be swamped…but i think it’ll be soo much fun that i wont be too worried about it.

plus, we’re staying for 2 days…so i dont think it’ll be AS packed the day after new years…

GOOD LUCK TO YA!!! hope you have a blast!!!


You know what guys…let me put this into perspective for you :dry:

I am going to be in Korea on a remote assignment for the SECOND :nonono2: time during Christmas :crying: :crying: :crying:

So would I rather be there…or at WDW at the busiest, most crowded time of year???

Now that should make your decision a little easier!!! :whistling


SplashMtnMan - Thanks for defending our nation! CHEERS! I hope your time in Korea treats you well! I was there about 15 years ago in the Army and it was quite an experience, but I sure missed the US…

Back on topic - As for me, I avoid Disneyland when school is out. I just seek to optimize my fun with smaller crowds and pull my kiddos out of school for a week. Short lines equal a lot more fun…

But if I were to go at any busy time it would be Christmas - hands down. The Holiday season at Disneyland is simply the best…

The lights, the music, the spirit and the fun are simply at the VERY BEST!

I encourage one and all to go to Disneyland at least once during the Holidays…