Too cold to swim in Dec?


We are thinking of doing a trip right before Christmas, around the 16th and through the 23rd in 2014 and my mom was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to go swimming at the resorts, which is one of her favorite parts of vacationing at WDW. Is it warm enough in December to swim at times, or is that out of the question?



We have swam in late December early January on most of our trips. A couple of times it was just too cold and a few times the water was not warm enough for us. But by and large we always have a couple of afternoons at the pool



You never know. A few February’s ago I was in the pool at least once every day, morning or night.
2 years ago for a March trip we could only swim 3 of the 9 days. The other days it was mostly windbreakers by day with a sweatshirt added at night.


We’ve been in the resort pools in January in late afternoon (and the hot tub at night), but I don’t think I’d spring for water park tickets.


We go almost every year at that time. I have pics in shorts and hawaiian and in ski jackets.

Pools are heated.

Chances are better that you can swim vs the ski jacket weather. Generally, it’s light jacket/sweater in the evenings.


I agreed what’s said above!Me and my wife have been visited there.That’s not suitable for swimming in December.Swimming is really favorite parts of vacation.Water is really cold and not warm enough to swim even in afternoon timing.


The resort pools are heated and totally comfy, so you can always swim in comfort, no matter the time of year.

(However… getting out of the pool is a totally different question, and I HATE to get out of the pool in January, even in WDW)


I don’t enjoy swimming in 60 degree weather even if the pool is in the 80’s. When you get out, you’ll be even colder and wet.


I’ve been in December and had a warm day or two, nice to swim, but also days too cold to swim, nice for a hot tub time, but then brrrr when you come out!


This thread reminded me that I should run my heater for the day. No reason other than it’s recommended that you do this every month or so, if for no other reason, it needs the exercise.


My family is hoping to go in Dec this year. Im surprised that there isnt a Deluxe on Disney property with an indoor pool. But I suppose if they did it for you they would have to do it for all. That would be a mess.


An indoor pool in Florida? Why?


We stayed at AoA in December 2012 and had several days of good pool weather. The pool was nice and warm. There were a couple of times we just “HAD” to get in the water, even though it was a little cold outside. Luckily, we just bundled up in our towels the second we got out of the pool and rushed to our room without any major problems. I agree that swimming at the resorts is one of the big draws! We would have been disappointed if it had been cold the whole time during our visit. However, we had a nice mix of warmish and coolish days with no real hot or cold ones. It was a great time to visit the parks and a wonderful change from the weather at home!


Well, I’ve had the heater on for a couple days now (but only for about 9 hours before the timer turns off the pumps) and the pool is a cozy 89 degrees. Bring your own towels please. I don’t think I have enough for more than 6 people. But hurry, I’m turning it off tomorrow. But the hot tub is always ready. Hee hee hee.


That sounds great! See you in the morning. :laugh: :laugh:
Our pool had a layer of ice on it this morning :crying:
It will be late May before it’s warm enough to swim here.


SG, just reminisce about your NJ days, shake the mothballs off your heavy coat, slap on a pair of thick gloves and go out and scrape imaginary ice off your windshield. You know, just for old times sake.


Can’t you just picture some poor kid looking out his living room window one morning and seeing SG in his best heavy winter outerwear pretending to scrape his windows. SG will NEVER have to worry about that kid trick or treating at that “Crazy Guys” house.:eek:
Even worse would be be to see how fast his mamma runs to the phone to call a Realtor to list the house for sale.:laugh:


We were at WDW one wickedly cold February. We had to teach a lot of people how to scrape their windshields using the old credit card. Ah - bless them - they were so eager to learn.


Wow I would never have thought of that one. In Florida we dont get many freezing days, thank you for the tip.