Too late for Magical Express vouchers?


We finally got a decent price on a flight. $289 per person, not too bad considering it had been over $400. I scheduled Magical Express as soon as I booked the airfare. We leave Dec. 16th. Is it too late for me to get ME vouchers and luggage tags?

I am not worried about getting on the bus without vouchers. I am mainly concerned with our luggage. I know that they will take your claim tickets, but does anyone have any suggestions on a way to distinguish your luggage?


I don’t think you will get the vouchers, but stranger things have happened. The people with ME will get your luggage with your claim tickets. Put something disney on them and maybe that will make them stick out a bit for the ME workers, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Many people have sucessfully used ME without having the vouchers. :heart:


I used the Magical Express before without the luggage tags and things worked out just fine. You have to point out the type of luggage you have from a list of pictures, but that’s basically it. We had no problem getting our things transferred to the room.


I think you have a decent chance of getting them. I have received them before in less than a week after making the reservation, so there is a good chance. Just depends on when they print and ship, since I don’t think they do it every day.

If they don’t come, go straight to the ME desk, give them your claim tags and a description of your luggage, and they will grab them for you.