Too many rooms?


Do we think it is possible that there could end up being too many DVC resorts being built? If they build too many, will they end up with empty rooms and then the rates drop, and then we could have stayed at a DVC for less as a guest than we are paying as members?

My papers arrived this week, and we are so excited… but I of course am having the last-minute jitters. When I run across tidbits like this, it does make me nervous… am I being wacky?

From (originally posted in 2007):

Disney and Four Seasons to Partner on New Development

This week Disney announced two new projects for Walt Disney World, one of which would seem to put to rest any possibility of reviving the Eagle Pines DVC resort project. In partnership with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Disney will reconfigure the land which is currently home to the Eagle Pines and Osprey Ridge golf courses into a “luxury resort and golf community.” The two golf courses will be combined into a single 18-hole championship course, while additional land will be used to construct a luxury hotel plus what is described as “single- and multi-family vacation homes and fractional ownership vacation homes.”

The “single- and multi-family vacation homes” will most likely be some form of timeshare development. With both Disney and Four Seasons running their own timeshare programs, it remains to be seen exactly how these units will be marketed and who will have access to use them.

Fractional ownership vacation homes are similar to timeshares, however they are shared by a much smaller pool of owners—often as few as 4-5 owners per unit.

Given the Four Seasons affiliation, all of these projects are likely to carry significant price tags, offering guests a higher degree of luxury than Disney have ever been able to attain even at a resort like the Grand Floridian.

The second project announced is a commercial district just outside of the new Western Way access gate to Walt Disney World. The project calls for several value-priced resorts (likely similar to those currently outside of Downtown Disney) and 300,000 to 500,000 sq ft of commercial space.


Also… if they keep on building and building rooms to WDW, won’t they need a new park so there is enough room for all of us to go play?


I think that they are already in the planning stages for a new park- I heard that a while back. As for too many rooms- with all of the prepayments of DVC I dont think it will matter- As long as they raise the rates of the regular rooms there will be a demand for points - as long as there is demand there is cost increase. I had thought the same thing in regards to the size of SSR but in the end I really dont think it will matter. It all depends on how much they make the cost of regular rooms in comparison. Sure Supply and demand but there is always demand to work with.


Thank you woohoo! :heart:


TRUST me, they wouldn’t even bother building new resorts if they didn’t think they could fill them. DVC has enjoyed GREAT growth, look how many new members there are here ALONE on MB in the past 2 years. I wouldn’t worry about them not being able to sell what they build. Plus, that championship golf course one that was announced in conjunction with the Four Seasons, we don’t even know if they will be DVC yet. It personally sounds a little high end for the DVC market so I am wondering if it will be marketed as more of a Four Seasons timeshare. We’ll see, it may never even come to fruition anyway. There is already TONS of buzz about the Hawaii resort & the upcoming DVC accomodations in Disneyland. I bet you the Disney Vacation Club is one of the only timeshares in the world that has people bangin’ at it’s door instead of them bangin’ at yours.

You’re makin’ a good move for your family MissDis, THINK… in a couple years you could use your points to stay at a DVC HAWAII resort… AWESOME!


You’ll have to fly with me and hold my hand… :blow: Isn’t it like 11 hours for us? There are direct flights out of Newark, but I think I’ll have to stopover in LA.


hey- you get the middle seat and ill sit on one side with Jess on the other! Ill even sit Isle if it means we are going to HAWAII!!! I have always wanted to go there!

Im looking forward to using my membership at many more locations other than disney- I want to travel all over and having accomodations paid for before we get there and having 4star at that was a great selling point for me.


woohoo, thanks!!! I am not a good flier…


I dont mind flying- I just hate landing and get irky at takeoff… There is something about going so fast at first land to slowing to a crawl that scares me…

But I HATE HATE HATE long car rides… so for me what is the worse of the two evils!:laugh:


I know from a timeshare standpoint that DVC is impossible to exchange INTO if you are not an owner so that shows how booked it is. I am not really a huge fan of DVC as far as it is a “lease” and not a ownership deed because I sell traditional deeded timeshares. However, for someone who really only wants to use DVC to go to Disney or to rent their points it is a great investment for the time you have it. It seems like more people choose to rent their DVC points rather than actually exchanging and giving II their points but when you do release your DVC points to II they are very valuable just because of the sheer rarity of that happening. That means your exchange power is high and you in turn will be able to get a difficult to exchange into property. There are some in the system that are notoriously difficult to get; Beaches in Jamiaca and Atlantis in the Bahamas for example. DVC is one of the hardest properties to make an exchange with in the system so that alone shows you that they could probably build them forever and they would not lose value…if I could find one cheap I might even be swayed to purchase some day. :laugh:


Oh my GOODNESS! Congratulations!!! A BWV contact was found for you guys??? HOW EXCITING!!!


Thanks!!! :laugh: Still just a little nervous…


So…is it a done deal? Come on, announce it!!! I’m SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! :happy:


I like that part of it, I like that it’s going to end and my son isn’t going to have to worry about selling it or paying the dues every year. He didn’t decide to buy it so I don’t want him to have to deal with it. Also, about the time we’re too old to do Disney it will end and we won’t have to worry about trying to unload it. Just my opinion.


Wait…they are building a DVC Hawaii? Like the DVC in Hilton Head type of place?


Better! It sounds like it is going to be more like AKL, except with Hawaiian nature instead of African… here is a link!
Disney to Build Hawaiian Resort | Press Releases | Disney Vacation Club


oh…im so there!!!


Yes they are building it now. It’s more like the POLY. :biggrin:

You got it all wrong. Takeoffs and landings are the best part. I love the acceleration and seeing the ground fall away. Landings are the PHD of flying. Make it a good one and you’re a great pilot but bounce it and…