Too many Safari photos


Just wondering, is anyone like my family in I, in that we take tons and tons of photos on Kiliminjaro Safari of animals and trees only to flip through them really fast when developed, because they really don’t end up that interesting?
Or better yet, taking videos on your recorder to fast forward through them later?


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Most of my safari pictures turn out terrible… my safari videos are even worse! It’s just so bumpy, and the ride goes so fast… not much time for good images.

I think the best photos were what my dad took after it rained one time in 2001. The elephants were out playing in the water - it was adorable! They were taken on a disposable camera… I’m not sure where the photos ended up, though! :laugh: :pinch:


my safari pics are blurry too. i think it is due to the movement of the truck & bumpiness. im certainly going to try try again next week, maybe ill try a different setting on the camera.


Every trip we say we’re not going to take any more pictures on the safari ride. Been there, done that? But every year we take pictures. :confused::pinch: End up deleting most of them when we get back to our room. :blush:


I have a TON of photos . . . and only one or two are worthy. BUT, last December, I said to my DDs, “This time I am going to sit back and enjoy the ride, no trying to take pictures!” And OF COURSE all the animals were out in plain view . . . I missed a lot of good shots that day! :pinch:


I thnk we can all be guilty of that! I have done it and I have videoed the penguins at Sea World swimming around- looked fun at the time but now its a fast forward at that bit !!


I think DD#2 is mainly talking about her dad. They always make fun of me taking so much “scenery” photos and video.:blush:


Number 99 posts. My son insisted on having the camera and I would say a good 60% of our pics from our last trip were animals that we could barley see. Although the gorilla pics tiurned out great . But my favorite pic from AK is my niece…


I can’t help myself either, I always take way too many. Any of the videos that I have attempted to take, turn out to be rather awful.


I take too many, but then, I don’t really take any any where else in that park… The other parks, though… watch out.


What confuses me is that DW & DD both take pictures everytime we ride it. Then ALL get developed. I have entire boxes of Kilamanjaro pictures, but still they take more :eek:


That is one great photo, brit.

I think we have all done that to exhaustion. I am now all for buying post cards :laugh: