Too much info - gotta share!


When Pete and I were watching Wishes at the MK last week, something very strange finally occurred to me. Should we ever be expecting a baby, THAT is the exact place and time I am going to tell him. Right after the first section of Wishes where there’s a brief pause (after the “Hercules”) section and everyone who hasn’t seen it before thinks its over. That way at least I’ll be heard over the music/fireworks.

I mean, he’s the one who got to pick the time and place of marriage proposal, but this is something I will have control over.

I know this is so corny and probably too much info, but I HAVE to tell someone! Is this silly??? :blush:


I love that idea! I think that would be a fantastic way to share wonderful news like a baby!

I was always going to be very creative with how I told DH about a pregnancy, but when it came right down to it…I couldn’t keep it a secret!! That stick no more turned pink then I was running my mouth to him!! :laugh:

Are you considering???


LOL! I’d probably be the same way, I’d have to get in the car and drive to the MK as soon as I came out of the bathroom! I am considering, especially since I don’t have a job yet, and can see that we’d make it on a single income, but at the same time I just spent all this time in school and would like to work at least long enough to get maternity benefits. Can’t decide.

But also, I’m not getting any younger (and Pete certainly isn’t either!), and don’t want to be 60 when the kids graduate from high school. I don’t know, maybe it’s natural for a woman to reach a certain age and then just begin to want a baby.


That sounds soo cool!! And so appropriate since you love WDW so much! Just make sure he does not want you to go on Space Mountain first! :blink: You would have to come up with a quick reason not too!! :rolleyes: :wink:


I think that is SO sweet and perfect! You should definately tell him that way. WE (women) have to have our moment of shock and awe too right? Great idea.


Good point—that’s an awesome idea though…how sweet…im anxiously awaiting my proposal…ive dropped hints that anywhere disney is OK with me!


LOL Pete’s too much of a chicken, he’d pretend HE was pregnant to get out of any roller coaster.

cinderbella, if you get engaged at WDW I want the FULL report!!!:wub:


I forgot that Pete was a whimp!!

I dont see an engagement coming anytime soon…even though our first night there will be our 2 year anniversary…dropping hints hoping dbf sees this thread…ahem…he’s still in college and broke…


I think that’s a great idea! Like Tink, when I got pregnant I couldn’t wait to tell my husband. I was just too excited! But that would be a wonderful way to to him. Then maybe you can snap a picture quickly to get the expression on his face!


That’s an awesome time to tell him. I hope you figure out when the perfect time for your little baby will be. It’s hard to know when it’s the right thing to do…but who knows, maybe that’s why you’re having a hard time finding a job. I believe everything happens for a reason.


I LOVE it!!! :heart:
I would not be able to wait that long though! :angel:


Gee… I wonder how Britney Spears broke the good news to Kevin Whatsisname?

Anyway… I think that Wishes is the perfect time to share that kind of news! You go girl!


Wait…is she preggie?


Yes, she definitely is.


It is a great idea! Anything to with Disney is great!


I totally missed that–and I thought it was just a rumor! :confused:


Jenny, I LOOOOOOOVE your idea…it’s perfect! :heart: Now you’ve got me all anxious though, because I WANT you to be preggo so we can hear all about you breaking the news! Hehe.

On that whole Britney Spears thing…uh, it sounds like Kevin’s not too happy about her being pregnant. And I’m sorry to be so evil, but that just CRACKS ME UP. :laugh:


Hmmm well maybe I should just stop taking my medicine:biggrin:


LOL, tell Pete “What medicine”



LOL! I’ll have to hand the video camera to a stranger that night (without Pete noticing) and then post the stills here on DC.