Too much sparrow!


At the disney fan site today there was a update titled, (in big bold letters) “Goodbye Sawyer, Hello Sparrow” . I almost had a heart attack:eek: just reading the article, there is a rumor that Tom Sawyer’s Island is going to be replaced by a pirates of the Caribbean themed playground. Ok, Tom Sawyer’s Island is a part of disney history and it shouldn’t be replaced by anything, especially another pirate themed attraction. New Orlean Sqaure is already being taken over by the pirate theme with the new “Port Royal curios and curiosities” replacing Le Bat en Rouge store plus all the pirates running around. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movies and the ride. but I think they are taking it to far.I do think that Tom Sawyer’s Island needs to be updated but it still needs to stay the same theme.


OK, normally, being the Disney nostalgist I am I would say “OHHH NOOOO, DO NOT CHANGE IT!!” Although, that Pirate Island would ROCK!!! I would BE more likeLY to feel comfortable if they made it more of a Peter Pan type pirate island, but I LOVE Pirates so I might be just a bit partial.


I understand the reasoning behind such a thing (if true), but the idea is heartbreaking.


I always have a hard time with change, period. Tom Sawyer island was always great, while my kids were small/younger.
Now, I doubt that we would go back there. But really it is a neat play area for little kids. Not too much going on, just kinda quiet. It takes the edge off for many over-stimulated kids. It’s a god-sent to many parents. And it is away from people who might take offense if kids are a little rowdy and let off steam.
I think it should stay just the way it is.


I chalked this up to rumor for now.

However, Disney over-marketed Stitch to the point of nausea. So I guess it’s possible.

I kind of like Wish’s Peter Pan idea, but I still say stick with Tom Sawyer.


That would be a sad day in Disney history. I too vote for rumor, however, Disney seems to have a lot of money to play around with these days. At least in Disneyland.


OMG, this is totally true!!! I am so tired of Stitch now!!! Major over saturation!!!


never never land theme would be a really neat idea.


I like the idea of the neverland theme and a section for captain hook. A pirate themed island would be ok I guess, but only if they base it/anchor it in some sort of LITERARY work like “Treasure Island” not one of their rides or movies.


I guess I’m on the fence on this one. Tom Sawyer is a part of Disney history, I agree, but it has lost it’s draw. Kids today don’t really get it. A pirate theme would mean more to the kids.


I, regretfully, have to agree. Too bad more kids don’t read Tom Sawyer (great book). I don’t like to see the classics go though.


what is next? the jungle cruise, the swiss family tree house? where does this madness end?


I can’t remember the last time I even felt like getting on the raft to Tom Sawyer Island. I never liked it. I feel bad if it is very meaningful to someone and they feel strongly about it’s demise, though.:sad: Peter Pan is probably my favorite Disney movie so Wishy’s idea is really appealing to me and my family. However - I am a huge PotC fan and I would love that too. SOmetimes change is good - even at WDW.:pinch: (don’t hurt me)


Hey…they could demolish both of those things and I wouldn’t even notice they were gone.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I totally agree with the tree house. If they would just “freshen up” the Jungle Cruise I would be so grateful.:happy:


Here at DL the Swiss Family Tree House has been gone for almost a decade…it is now Tarzan and Jane’s tree house. It is also part of “Disney history” to “reimagine” or replace or “re-theme” attractions that are no longer popular or relivant. The list of attractions that went that way is fairly long.


We actually like TSI. It is so quiet and relaxing just to hike around and smell the trees. Although I would not be opposed to a Pirate type island and we are all Pirate obsessed. Wish’s Peter Pan idea would be fabulous, more kid friendsly, and much preferred over a Pirates of the Caribbean type island.