Too much to do!


I really want to take advantage of the magical beginnings extra magic hour thingy in September - but the only day it is offered that we could go is the same day we are going to MNSSHP!! :pinch: I don’t know if we can do an hour or more in MK at 8 am, then be back until midnight! DH may not want to be up early and stay up late with the kiddos!

my original plan was to get up whenever, swim for a bit, go to DTD for a late lunch, go back to resort to rest/get ready for MNSSHP and get there around 4, staying till the end.

I may do the hour, go back to resort and just not spend as much time swimming (or not at all).

we are not park hopping, so that’s not an option for us.

anyone been to this preschool extra hour? is it as worth going as I think it will be?


I was wondering the same thing. It is being offered a couple of dates while I am there. I still need to check into it to work it into our schedule, if possible!

I like your idea of going at 8am for a little while…and then go back to the resort and DTD to chill for the day, going back to MK for MNSSHP that night.


you don’t think it’ll be too much for the kids to get up early and be up that late? my kids can do the late thing with no problem, its the early they don’t deal well with!!


I don’t have any experience first hand with it. But I have read some things about it on the TGM forum and the people who went last year with small children just loved it! Apparently the character interaction was wonderful. Characters playing tag and other games with the kids and even riding the rides. Also heard that Fantasy Land was practically deserted. But who knows what it will be like this year…last year was the first time so maybe it will be more busy this year. We are going to try it out on the morning of Fri the 7th. I like your idea of just going for the hour and then going back to Pop too. That is probably what I would do.


ok, the Kim’s have me convinced!! lol!! I think I will just build it into our schedule and not bring it up for discussion! so, it’ll just be “oh, we need a wake up call for 6 tomorrow” kinda thing! lol!!!


I am wondering about the same thing (except for the MVMCP in December).

Good advice on this thread. I think I might do what the Kim’s suggested…go in the am and go back to the resort to relax and take it easy until the night.


My experience: They have characters riding the rides with your kids! Our twin daughters wanted to meet Alice in Wonderland by the Teacups. They asked Alice if she’d ride with them, and she did! She was doing this with other kids too, and we saw Lilo (or Stitch [never could keep them straight]) riding Dumbo.

IMO, it’s well worth it.

And, not for nothing, but its a trip to WDW. I think DH should man up and make it a day.


lol -man up!! oh my, you just made my day!!!

i love him dearly & he does love the world almost as much as i do - but he doesn’t do crowds well, or the all day walking around thing. but, he’ll do it, and will be glad we did it when they girls are super excited!!

besides, they’ll only be this age for a bit more - then they’ll think they are too old for all that (and won’t be preschool aged, so they wouldn’t qualify to go anyway)! gotta enjoy it while we can, right?!


Let him sleep in and you go with the kids? Would you do that? That way you can stay for a little while, head back to the hotel, have a relaxing day by the pool, nap, get ready for the MNSSHP and GO!

MNSSHP is the BEST . . . line up for the parade in Frontierland, because that is where it starts (at least it did the last two years) and this way, once it goes by you can start on the rides and getting all those TREATS! :laugh: :laugh:


I really don’t think it’s necessary to do EMH in spetember. Why take the chance of your kids being cranky for MNSSHP?


its not the EMH that I am thinking of so much as its the one for preschoolers with lots of character interaction.


Dana-It is not regular EMH, it is called Little One’s EMH, it is for preschoolers only in Fantasy land. The rides there are open early and there is supposed to be great character interaction, and the characters play games with the kids and even ride the rides. This is only the second year it has been offered.

Sarah-I think you are making the right choice in going. I think the pics that you will get and the memories of your girls getting to ride the rides and experience the characters will be well worth it. We had already made arrangements to have an 8am breakfast at CP on Friday Sept 7. Then they announced LOEMH on that very day. We heard so much good stuff about it that we changed that ressie to lunch…just so we could go and I really really wanted to do breakfast at CP. It sounds like we won’t be disappointed. If I get a chance to share info and pics before you leave I will let you know how it is.

Alandjen sounds spot on in the description of it. Makes me want to go more.

The two Kims, LOL.


My bad…didn’t realize. Then yes, you should go.


I didn’t realize there was extra character interaction at the little one’s EMH! That is soooo cool!


Very cool . . . I’m going to check it out and see if there is a schedule for Feb '08 and what is the age limit . . . anyone know?


so far it is just in the fall. From what i read, its geared to preschoolers, but anyone with a park pass & resort key are allowed into the park. the only things open are in fantasyland area though.

I’m also thinking it’ll be a nice chance for a pic of the castle with smaller crowds.


Did you see the park maps on the WDW site for preschoolers . . . so cute!! Link below!

And, we are going to be there on Aug 26 so we can go too yeah!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Walt Disney World Resort - Detecting Browser Properties . . .


and the characters play games with the kids and even ride the rides. This is only the second year it has been offered.

I’d forgotten about this. At one point during the extra morning hours, right next to Cinderella’s Merry-go-Round, the CM’s had a bunch of kids form a circle, along with Minnie, Pluto, Chip, Dale and a bunch of the usual characters that usually make up the “and friends” in the description “Mickey and friends”. They tossed and bounced a big bouncy ball back and forth, and the kids really got to play with the characters.

This was much different and better than the usual stand-in-line for a quick pix and autograph with the characters.

I’d highly, highly recommend this (if they do it anything like last year).

Believe me, we’d thought our days of opening the park were over, but I’d be at the gate for rope-drop for these early admission days if they were offered when we’re going in October.