Too old for stroller?


Was wondering what age do kids stop using a stroller for the parks? DD was 5 yrs old (she’s on the small side) this past Oct.'s trip and we brought our umbrella stroller for her. Thankfully we did since we used it the whole time. She actually fell asleep in it a few nights. Our next trip is planned for next year and she’ll be 7. Through other people’s experiences is a 7 year old able to keep up walking all day at the parks?


Is it possible to be too old for a stroller at WDW? My DS was 7 during our last trip and we took a cheap umbrella stroller for him. It’s HOT and there’s a lot of walking I have no problem with him wanting to ride in a stroller for a week.

happy child=happy parents


:laugh: So true!

I plan on taking one as long as I can. Not only can it hold a tired child, but I love having somewhere to put my drinks, souvenirs, and stuff!


my son is 5 and large for his age, he used the stroller everyday, my daughter who is 7 and is large for her age ousted the little one a few times to cruise in the stroller. If the little one wasn’t using it I’m sure she would have been in it the majority of the time. Hope that helps.


I was hoping to hear that very answer!!! I can’t imagine carrying a tired, cranky 7 year old out of the park!! Umbrella stroller will not be sold at this year’s tag sale!!!


We’re taking our umbrella stroller again in June and DS will be 6-1/2. I just hope his weight doesn’t collapse the wheels. If it does, then it will be a permanant fixture in the nearest trash bin. I’m sure most of the time it will be carring any bags, but at the end of the day walking back to the bus stop I’m sure DS will be relaxing his tired feet while the rest of us can’t wait to get off ours.


Lil’ takes a stroller to push me around when I’m tired and cranky, and I’m 38.


I am glad someone posted this thread! I will have an almost 8 year old when I go back to Disney but with so much walking she begins to complain after the first hour. I sometimes fear what other adults may think but you know what…it is my vacation and I want my family to be happy! I am glad others feel the same!


I hope my 7 1/2 yo DS doesn’t see this thread! I was planning on telling him that he’s too old to ride this year, because now the double stroller will be occupied by his 4 1/2 yo brother and his 1 yo sister (her 1st trip to WDW). I guess we may need to have the boys switch off every now and then to keep everyone happy! :crying:


I actually just returned my expensive double stroller, since my DS (4) wasn’t in it at all! It was too much money to waste on the double since I wasn’t using it. I got DD (7 months) a brand new Maclaren single. BUT I am DEFINITELY going to buy another CHEAPER double umbrella stroller for the times when I need it and ESPECIALLY for WDW!!! I figure I will be using it for another couple of trips. Like Steph said: happy children=happy parents


I say as long as the child is happy & comfy, than more power to it! You can keep up with your child, carry all the extra goodies, have a seat for the parades & it will keep him/her happy so that means more park time!! I’d let him get out and walk some of the time, but when you’re trying to make time across the park or from one bus stop to a PS at a resort, it makes it SO much easier to push the child than to drag him!!! :angel:


Great thread.
I was debating this since DS will be 5 this trip.

We are brinign the stroller!!


It’s not a matter or to old. It matters how long she can walk. Will she get tired easily? If so, grab that stroller. I had my DD in a stroller during our 2000 trip and she was 6. It kept her near me. I never had to worry about her accidently getting seperated from me and she never complained of tired legs. You see how she makes out the first day and decide from there. It may be a blessing.


I was just gonna bring that up!

Seriously, if I could smoooosh my older two down into one of those double strollers now, I’d totally do it!


Take the umbrella stroller, use it when needed. When you dont leave it in the room. Nothing lost if you already own it.


If the kid fits, get the stroller. If the kid doesn’t fit, get the wheelchair. Anything to make this a pleasant as possible. So much walking involved…


We plan on using our umbrella stroller until DS’s feet are reaching the ground or the stroller is too heavy to push. My guess is we will get another year out of it MAYBE. He is average size for a 4 yr old. Once he gets too big for it we will start to rent the strollers in the park. The thought of carrying a really tired 6-7 yr old through the park does not appeal to me.


… as long as the stroller has a cushioned front so when it jams into my ankles it doesn’t hurt so much … I like to stop dead in front of people and look around.


I just bought new strollers for my kids before our last trip they were 6 and seven at the time. I like them having a place to sit if they get tired and I love having those baskets to put my stuff in! We always take snacks and water into the park and with the strollers we don’t have to carry it!


Then you turn around and give the tired mom who is pushing the stroller a dirty look, don’t ya? :laugh: