Too pushy?


I have never been one of those people who try to ram their own agenda down the throats of everyone at WDW. BUT –

We have stayed at BWV twice now. The first time, when we fell in love with it. The second over Christmas this year. The first time, we were given the last room in the hall. Don’t get me wrong – the CM had offered us a room right next to the elevator, but we requested to be away from it… A totally stupd choice!

This time, we were given the next to the last room. It was really, really far and at the end of a long day, it was sort of a bummer. The view is wonderful but we have had it twice now.

Sooo… what if I make it clear when I book the next trip that we would like to be by the elevator, and if I call back the week of arrival to remind the front desk, and then mention it again if necessary when we check in? Is that too pushy?

Having a room by the elevator would really enhance our third stay at BWV…


I’ve made requests when booking a ressie and have had them accomodated. It’s been my expierience that when you make the request at ressie time, they put it in the notes in the computer. I have called to follow up on the request just to make sure and have been assured that they will do what they can. I don’t think it’s pushy at all. How much do you spend on vacation?? It’s not to much to ask in my opinion.


Nah, I don’t think so. It’s your vacation - you have the right to do as much as you can to ensure that you get the room of your choice. You’re spending a lot of money to stay at BWV, and I’m sure guest services will do their best to accomodate you - tell them what’s going to make your vacation the best.


I don’t think it would be pushy at all. As a matter of fact, when I’ve requested certain locations in the past I’ve been told that I should call the resort about 5 days prior to my arrival and see if I’ve been assigned a room yet. The resorts are very good in doing their best to get you what you’ve requested.


I’ve noticed that most DVC resorts always do their best to accomodate requests. We’ve been members at SSR & staying there for 3 years now & they’ve ALWAYS given us ‘the Springs’ building upon request. I personally have member services make a note of my request in the reservation & then I mention it upon check-in. The ONE time they weren’t able to fill my request it was about 10am & she said “sorry, we don’t have any rooms available in that location.” I nicely asked, “well, what if we wait until normal check-in time, after 3pm? Can we get that location if we wait?” Sure enough, we waited & once more people checked out & we called for our room assignment later it was exactly where we requested.

That one week we stayed at Boardwalk Villas I did request a room near the elevator. Even though I’ve heard SOOO many people over the years here say how noisy it was & they didn’t like being near the elevator I still put in that request. After seeing how loooong, winding, & confusing those hallways were I was VERY thankful I had that room feet away from the elevator. And, it wasn’t noisy at all.


I dont think it is at all pushy. Besides being in customer service myself it is not the request that is ever an issue it is how you ask.


I don’t think it’s pushy at all.

We stayed at BWV 2 years ago and were first assigned a room at the very end of the hall. It was 7 am and it looked like rain so we kept the room but didn’t move in at all. After getting back about 3 I went to the desk and asked to be moved to a room closer to the elevator. The CM wasn’t happy but I pushed and finally got a better location.

I don’t think you’re asking for too much.


We always prefer a high floor and Epcot view. We always ask and they always try to put us where we like. I’ve even had the CM flip the computer screen around and show me what was available at check-in. They said I could take my pick. :laugh: You won’t always get your preference, but it can’t hurt ask.


It never hurts to ask


My g/f, her mom and I went to the Pop Century for a week, and about 3 days into the vacation my g/f’s mom got a leg injury from walking. I went to the front desk to see if we could do something about the room because we were on the third floor and the room closest to the end staircase we were pretty far to the elevator and the first floor. they said they didn’t have any rooms on the first floor to pass me to but they had a preferred room on the 1st floor and I was like WHAT!!! NO!!! I can’t beleive dude!!! ok we’ll move right away.


I dont think its too pushy at all. I would make the request when you make your booking and ask them to note it on screen and then maybe do a follow up call just as a reminder? The worst they can say is no and I doubt they will.


Hey! We were in the last room down the hall too! There should be a special pin for people like us. I swear I could have taken fastpasses at Tower of Terror, we were so close…be that as it may - no, you are not being pushy at all. In fact, this reminded me to call SSR and request the Grandstand area.


Yeah – I think it’s the way to go. Really, there were a couple of nights when I just wanted to curl up in the hallway about halfway to the room… LOL


Hehe, I know that feeling.:happy:


In August we made a request about a week before arrival at SSR, to be put in The Springs section. When we got there they had put us waaaay at the back of the resort, so we mentioned the request, they checked the file, seen the note and the next day had us moved into The Springs, so it pays to have the notes on your file!


Not pushy at all. We’ve done this at Disney and other hotels. Calling back 3-5 days ahead of time and the morning of the arrival never hurts to ensure they at least have the request and usually (not always) means they end up being able to fulfil the request.