Toon Town Princesses


Can anyone tell me which princesses they were able to meet in the princess meet and greet in Toon Town?
Friends of ours are debating between a princess character dinner and a meet and greet. We’ve done all the princess dining, but have never done the Toon Town princess meet and greet.
Any experiences?


It can be any Princess . . . the sign at the end of the cue will tell you who, and then there is a ? for the mystery Princess.

We’ve met, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora. We even met Ariel there once, but that was before she had her own Grotto.

You don’t have to book a meal to meet your favs. But it is a good way, instead of standing in line you EAT while you wait! :happy:


Do you know how many princesses are there at one time? I know for Pixie Hollow we had Tinkerbelle and Two Fairies, so three characters total. Is that the same for the Princesses?


During the day there are 3 at nite sometimes only two.


Okay, thanks for the help!!


Back in May we saw Cinderella,Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty one after the other. They actually took alot of time with our DD. The Fairies line was over an hour … so we chose the princess’s


At this time in Toontown, it’s Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora. Due to the Fairy line always being full, the wait for the Princesses is usually no more than 40 minutes.


:laugh::laugh: I know I feel bad for the Princesses, TINK is taking their limelight! :laugh::laugh:


The last time I went through the princess line it was Aurora, Belle and Cinderella. When I did it at the Halloween party, it was the same 3 princesses but they were with their princes or in Belle’s case, her Beast.