Toontown Closes Permanently Today


I know there’s a similar thread going, but it seemed more of a question. This is a confirmation thread. Today is the final day of the existance of Mickey’s ToonTown Fair. After today, the walls will go up, and the expansion of Fantasyland will continue moving northeast.

So, from Mickey’s Birthdayland, to Star Land, to ToonTown, to finally Fantasyland, the area will be part of something greater.

Have made a lot of memories in ToonTown. I’m excited for the changes, but nothing will replace the look on a child’s face when he or she finds out Mickey and Minnie do have houses and must be real.

So ta-ta ToonTown. Thanks for the memories. See you in 2 years with a new look.


I’m always excited for new things, but sad to see toontown gone. I hope they are able to relocate Mickey and Minnie’s house, that was a always a must do for us


This makes me sad :frown: I am excited to see the new “fantasyland”, and think it is going to be amazing, but I still can’t believe they are getting rid of Mickey & Minnie’s houses.


I’m sure the new Fantasyland will be wonderful, but I still think it’s a mistake to get rid of Mickey and Minnie’s houses - little kids really BELIEVE that they live there - and it’s sort of sad to take that away from them. I wish they could find a permanent place for them.


Thanks Rowdy. Well put. I to hope it is something greater.

After reading this I realized that the closing time was really here. I guess I was just in denial. The memories of the kids and our trips when they were younger just ran through my mind. :crying: At least we have the pictures.


A river of tears will be shed across America at the end of the day :crying::mickey:


Aww, I’ll miss it… but I’m looking forward to the Fantasyland expansion.


Will miss it, but looking forward to the new.


I agree. :frown::frown::frown:


So I’ve learned that it’ll actually be open tomorrow, but the closing ceremony will be tonight.


I couldn’t agree with you more Janice. We have lots of pictures inside and out, but it’s not the same. :frowning:


I will miss it I do hope they decide to place Mickeys and Minnies house somewhere and just not demo them…


So sad! My kids LOVE toon town. It’s a great place to go with little ones; mine loved playing on the enclosed little play ground they had there. I think I liked Mickey and Minnie’s houses more than the kids!!! Glad we have some pictures…:sad:


This just makes me sad. I’ve had a sad day, and this just made it sadder.:crying: I’ll miss Minnie and Mickey’s houses. Some of my favorite memories with my kids were made in Toontown.


I hope there is enough feedback and they decide to relocate their houses somewhere. I agree about there is some real magic in those houses and that kids do believe that Mickey and Minnie really live there. I too am a sad about it but also excited for the new!WDW would not be what it is today if there was no plussing on changing.


AWWW, I wanted my children to see the houses one more time. The last time they were too young to remember much. Oh well onto the expansion.


I’ll miss Toon-Town but will cherish the many memories I have of my children exploring and playing there. Farewell Toon-Town, you’ll be missed!:sad::crying:


Boo Hoo! I liked it back there…even my DD 11 HAD to see Mickey’s house!! It became tradition for our family…but I am ready to make new ones!!

We are excited that Belle is getting her own digs!


I am rather bummed as well. I will look back fondly at pictures from our honeymoon from inside the house and a picture of us with Pluto outside of Minnie’s house underneath a small gazebo


This is so sad, it brought tears to my eyes.:crying: I’m very excited for the expansion, but feel that Mickey and Minnie’s houses are so important to little ones. I remember seeing their houses for the first time when I was 8. I couldn’t believe I was at Mickey’s house! I hope they find a place to relocate them rather than get rid of them.