Top 10 Statistics


How very cool is this??? Cavey pointed me in this direction, and I just wanna take a quick minute to brag.


I’M IN THE TOP TEN! :laugh: :wink: :wub:

HOw cool is that? (The statistics thing, not the fact that I am in the top 10)



Congrats Erin! But what is it and where do you find it?


Click on Forum, and scroll to the very bottom!


Thanks…so very cool and Congrats again Erin!


LOL! I’m not sure I deserve a congrats, but it is a very cool option. :laugh:


You’re just copying my CC thread!

BTW, if we’re talking QUALITY posts, I’m 4,100 posts ahead of you.


Yeah, but you’re still negative overall, so don’t get to braggin’ too quickly!!


I’m not negative. I’m a rabble rouser. (And I’m cute.)


Congrats Erin!!


1 out of 3 isnt’ bad.


I meant negative in number, anyway, not in spirit. :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: ROFL! What a great burn!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I finally got one after all these years.


Glad someone noticed this. A nice add on, I think it is cool you can see the latest posts and newest members.


It really is a great feature…I like that we can see ALL the new members, and not just the most recent.

The newest posts are quite cool, too…

Thanks, Mickster.

Oh, what about the old “everyone who has been on today” feature - do you think that will ever get added back in, or is it gone for good?


We used to have that a long time ago didn’t we mickey? or something like that where it listed the top ten posters?? I may just be insane…lol Congrats to the top ten.


WOW! That is so cool… Feel special don’t ya now… :slight_smile:


Yes. LOL. I feel special. I admit it.


Yeah, it gives us something to shoot for–to grow up like Erin or Cavey!:laugh: :blink: :ohmy: :wacko: :biggrin:


That’s just crazy talk, Ginglebells! :laugh: