Top Magic Kingdom Tips


Thinking of a person that has not visited WDW Magic Kingdom often, for a long time, or at all-- do you have an A#1 tip for them that would enhance their visit to WDW Magic Kingdom? A must see show, a can’t miss meal, or a favorite ride or attraction or a tip for enjoying anything that might not be commonly known?

Here’s my top little tidbit-- go see the Haunted Mansion (of course), and as you are leaving near where the exit walkway canope ends, look down into the cement and you’ll notice the engagement ring the legend says was thrown out the window by Mrs. Gracie. (Also, learn the story of the Gracie mansion and the stories of the other attractions. Each attraction starts with a story, often it’s obvious-- part of the attraction itself; but sometimes, as with Haunted Mansion, it is not-- but cast members are usually familiar with the stories-- so be sure to take the time to ask and listen to them as it really enriches a WDW Magic Kingdom visit).


The only thing that I can think of that would enhance a persons trip to the Magic Kingdom would be to go on all the classic rides (PoTC, CoP, IASW, etc…) and to stay and watch the fireworks! Wishes is the best way to end a magical day at WDW, it leaves you filled with pixie dust lol. It really is Disneys kiss goodnight.
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I noticed your countdown to graduation, Big Cheese-- what’s your major, and which school? Whatcha gonna do now? Go to WDW! LOL!


I guess another way of phrasing the question is-- what about a visit to WDW’s Magic Kingdom do you always do, that’s second nature to you, and that maybe someone else might not think of, but it would really benefit them?



I’m going to the University of Central Florida, just 30 minutes from WDW! lol. It’s right on the other side of Orlando. Major is Hospitality Management with a specialization in Theme Park and Attraction Management- I plan on working either in the parks or resorts but I don’t know which yet because all the jobs sound like so much fun! lol
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My #1 Magic Kingdom tip:

On a day you visit MK at open, do your ABSOLUTE BEST to be the first riders on Splash Mountain! (It’s tougher for families with kids…) Even if you have to speedwalk your little legs off, it’s worth it. The first riders of the day get a special dated certificate, their Splash picture for FREE, AND a CM will personally take them over to BTMRR and march them to the front of the line. (Or sometimes this last bit will be exchanged for honorary Fastpasses to another attraction.)

My best girlfriend and I have been “riders of the day” twice now, and it is SUCH a great memory…not to mention the certificate and picture are fantastic souvenirs…especially for FREE! :eek: :heart:


WOW- What a great tip Dznygrl!!! I had no idea they did that!! I’m deffinitely going to try this one some day. I like how they give you the pic for free and march you over to the front of BTMRR lol! Thanks for the enlightenment!
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No problem Joe! I loooove to share this tip. It’s probably giving me more competition in the long run…LOL…but that’s okay! Some of the most magical days at Disney were when we were “riders of the day.”

The second time we were riders of the day, BTMRR was closed, so they gave us Fastpasses to Space Mountain instead. I liked that year even better–while getting to the front of the line on BTMRR is cool and all, by that time the park’s only been open for like 15 minutes, so there’s no line anyway! :laugh: But when we got FPs for Space, we saved them until late in the day when there was a line (and the FP machines were closed, because it was in the off season!) and got to get right on! :biggrin:


Wow, dznygrl, do any other rides do that? I never heard that before, and seeing as we’re not early risers, I don’t know we’d ever get to do it, but it sure is nice to know!


If MK opens at 9am, how early would you need to get there in order to be near the front of the crowd to get thru the turnstyles? That would b great to be one of the first riders on Splash Mountain and get all of those other perks!


Is it the very first people in line or is it everyone that is in the car/log that makes the first ride?


Make sure you hit the jungle cruise…over and over and over and over and OVER again!!!..hehehe!


I’ll try to answer your questions guys…

As far as I know, Splash is the only ride that does this. Of course, we have never tried it on any other attraction…we stumbled upon it by chance the first time, and have always tried to be “riders of the day” since then! :smile: So I suppose it’s possible they might do it elsewhere.

Cathy–it’s tough, admittedly, to be the first to Splash Mountain. It’s whoever rides first…and a lot of times there will be preteens RACING all the way there. So we’ve tried on multiple times without being successful. It’s easiest on an EMH morning! If you can get there then, go to the shortest turnstile line you can find and just use your gut instinct from there. Oh, use the shortcut in Adventureland too!


Okay, so now I have two goals for this trip: Be the rider of the day at Splash Mountain and the Viking of the day at Maelstrom!!


What about taking the railroad from Main Street to Frontierland? Is this quicker?


I bet it’s not. People can run faster than the train can load, leave, travel, and unload.


Yes, please do post the fastest way you know of to be the first person at Splash Mountain. I already have a goal when the rope drops, but I know my 15 year old would LOVE to be the first!!


The first ride on the railroad usually gets there well after the first few people do, so it’s definitely not the fastest.

My preference is through Adventureland…it’s faster than Liberty Square/Frontierland. I know that if you take the Adventureland route, there’s a shortcut…but it’s been almost 2 years since I’ve been to WDW and I can’t picture it! :noo: I keep picturing Disneyland instead, so I’m getting really confused. :wacko: :sad:


Here’s what the Unofficial Guide says about a short cut:

…go to the end of Main St and turn left to The Crystal Palace. In front of the restaurant is a bridge that provides a shortcut to Adventureland. Stake out a position at the barrier rope. When the rope, drops move as fast as you can and cross the bridge to Adventureland.
Just past the first group of building on your right, roughly across from the Swiss Family Treehouse, is a small passageway containing rest rooms and phones. Easy to overlook, it connects Adventureland to Frontierland. Go through the passageway into Frontierland and take a hard left. As you emerge along the waterfront, SM is straight ahead.


My DD will love you for this… thank you!!