Top secret - 2010


One fantastic thing just happened to me :eek::ohmy:
So at the moment I’m in Lanzarote (Island in Europe) and my mom and I went for a walk by the beach and we got into deap conversation about WDW, she said how she remembered going and how she would love to see it again, then I told her that we could go which lead into a discussion about my sister(16) and how we could couldn’t leave her (she doesn’t like Disney) if we ever did go.

We then talked about going in a few years, just my mom and I. As My sister would be older and wouldn’t mind. Because there would only be the two of us we discussed the deluxe resorts. So at the moment nothing is offficial but we would like to visit around 2010. It is an extremely top secret topic.

But I know I can trust all you buzzers :blush:
I’m just hoping for the best.



Pixie dust to you it works out! Keep the planning going . . . you never know sometimes it happens sooner then later! :happy:


A WDW trip always works out. I am sure if you started talking about all the cool stuff at WDW your sister would change her tune! You’ll get there and there better be a really long trip report when you get home. I will be looking for it till then… keep us posted as things develop, can’t wait!!!


Ooh, I will keep my fingers crossed that it works out for you. It would be positively lovely to have a trip with just you and your mom. :slight_smile:


That sounds like a blast! 2010 is really NOT that far away. I know you had a great time this last trip, but a trip alone with MOM would be awesome, I am sure.

Maybe you can suggest that Mom and Sis go on a little trip together alone next year…you can conveniently find somewhere to go for a week? and let them have their time (before sis leaves the house…) then you will have a great excuse for you and Mom to go to WDW alone.

Good luck!


Ohhh thats exciting! Have fun planning.

Keep us posted with the details.



I will cross my fingers too!


How exciting for you!! I hope it works out!


Oh thats a wonderful top secret topic to be working on- and yes 2010 is not that far away!
Have fun in Lanzarote, never been there myself but have been to Tenerife which is near by :slight_smile:


Hope all goes well,So what deluxe resorts do you have on the mind?


Good for you! I hope everything works out too. Nothing better than planning a trip to WDW!!!:happy:


I love all you buzzers with all my heart :wub:
Realy, you guys are great!
Not sure how to answer every post but I’ll give it a blast. :laugh:

Phohbe66 - Honestly it won’t work! My sister and I went to WDW with my dad just june there and wasn’t impressed :blink:

We were thinking Poly and Contempory, my mum liked the idea of the beach at Poly :happy:


Hope it works out for you!


I have a little question I’m going to add and make this one thread for all my 2010 questions to go to avoid multiple threads:happy:

So how is early March? Just overall, including crowds heat ect.

My moms birthday and my Birthday are both early March (2nd & 3rd) and it would be super to spend both our Birthdays at the world. :happy:


Sound’s wonderful. I hope you and your mom gets to go.


OoOOoO, this sounds like a great prospect! Good luck, I hope everything works out.


Good Luck, I hope it works out!!


Oh, wow! Very exciting top secret news! I’ll definitely keep it under my hat!:happy: I hope it all works out for you!


I am excited for you. Keeping my fingers crossed :happy:


Again you are all sooo kind! I’m realy excited myself. :laugh:

You can’t over-plan … can you ? :blink: