Just wondering, has ANYONE heard ANYTHING regarding WDW doing anything special for the last night of the Happiest Celebration on Earth???
Right now we are scheduled to fly home on 9/30, but would hate to miss out on any closing ceremonies or extravaganza they might be having.
Thanks for any info!!!


I want to know too! We will be there!


No news yet. I’m not sure what they would add for the last night.


We’re arriving that AM. I haven’t heard anything yet, but we’ll be there all day so that would be great.


We will also be there the same time! We’re flying out October 1st.

I haven’t read anything anywhere yet to suggest there were going to do something special…maybe once it gets closer?

That would be great to see while we are there!


I’m expecting the celebration to continue to the end of the year. Besides, isn’t it supposed to be 18 months from May 5th? In that case, wouldn’t the end be Nov. 5?


We arrive on 9/29 :slight_smile: I spoke to a CM yesterday regarding this topic and she said that nothing was planned as of yet. Also stated that it might be extended.


I heard the celebration was going on through the end of the year.


That is exactly what the official site says.