Good afternoon, buzzers!

I am happy to inform you that the 2013 packages for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World will be open for booking on July 11th!! It’s about time!


Thanks for the info. Is that late? I was expecting mid June, but I have no history to think that it should have been then.


They released mid-June last year, so that’s when they were expected this year. Being Disney, they kept us on our toes and did what they wanted. :laugh:


i chatted on fb with you…they had told me July 1…so 10 days off is not bad


They told me June 1st, so I am not shocked. This is an official announcement, so it’s safe to assume they will be out that day.

I did know that was you on FB :slight_smile:


Great news. I believe that we may finally go back in 2013…


That is awesome, Lisa!!


Thanks for the info. Anxious to see if there are any special deals.


I’ll post anything I see on my page first, then I’ll come here and see if someone beats me to the punch. I have no clue what is included in the new packages…as usual Disney isn’t saying a word :frowning: