Torn about The Polynesian


So, we will be visiting WDW late 2014…way to far away…and we are torn. We have stayed at the Polynesian for our last two visits, the first being for our wedding trip:wub:, and have or reservation in place for this upcoming visit. We are so excited because we will be staying in a Theme Park view Club Level room. Well, I should say, we were excited. With the upcoming addition of DVC there will be construction,as expected, and we were fine with that fact. Knowing that it would be mostly confined to the areas in and around the Tahiti:lilo:(sad to see our favorite longhouse change), Rapa Nui and Tokelau longhouses, we decided that we’d just deal with it. Now, however, they’ll also be working on the main pool and possibly the Great Ceremonial House and we just aren’t sure that we are up for that. Our concern is that there will be so many construction walls, walkway detours and access issues(not even sure that the TTC walkway will be available) that it will greatly diminish our experience. This is to be our first club level experience and we were so excited and now…we just aren’t sure. Because of this issue, we are considering changing our resort stay to The Contemporary. Now, this is no schlubby second choice and I know that we’ll be very happy staying in a club level room there however, a theme park view is not available at this point so…that is where the dilemma comes in. We are having a difficult time deciding if we should stay put at The Polynesian or change to The Contemporary and hope that a theme park view becomes available.

This is where you, my dear MB family, come in. What would you do? Stay at the Poly or move on over The Contemporary? Please give us your opinions and suggestions, it is greatly appreciated!


Change to the Contemporary club level.
Even if you have Bay Lake view, the lounge is on the theme park side.
That’s what I would do.
Over at Poly, I’m plenty angry that they have decided to wipe out Sunset Point in order to build the DVC addition.


Honestly, after staying at BLT in a lake view room, I’d never consider a theme park view. Because before you look at the theme park, you get to look at the parking lot - which totally takes away the magic for me. Besides, if you stay in a lake view room, you get to watch the totally adorable - yet pointless - Electrical Light Pageant.


I cannot say anything about either the poly or the contemporary, but we stayed at AKL while they were building the villas and it DID interfere with our trip. This comparison is apples to oranges, but it can happen, so I would not leave this to chance. I know the poly has sentimental value to you, but if something spoiled your impression of the resort, it might take a while to get it back.


I understand, SG, why you are angry about Sunset Point! We were originally going to have our ceremony there but our group was too large so we had it at the Wedding Pavilion. I’d be angry if we’d had the ceremony there only to find that they are going to wipe it out. :frowning: You and your wife renewed your vows there, right? I hope that they’ll reconsider and just “refresh” it and keep it.


A valid point llama :wink:


Thank you Joey, your input is great! The fact that you stayed at AKL while it was undergoing the DVC addition makes your opinion valuable!


Thanks to all that posted your opinions, we really appreciate it! We took the plunge and we changed our reservation to The Contemporary, HOORAY!!! Can’t wait and what a long wait it will be!


You will love it. While it is a different theme/style… it is a great hotel, and very luxurious in its own way. You will have a great trip.


Always exciting to try something new!


Just a quick question regarding the reno at Poly, do you know when that will start? We have friends staying in March, this is only their second trip and they are excited to stay, but would maybe choose a different resort depending on construction.


I believe that it has already begun. Here is one link that might be of interest The work on the Volcano pool has already been pushed back numerous times but they now say May of 2014.


Thanks, I appreciate the info!!


I think you will be happy with your choice. You may not have the theme park view from your room, but the Atrium club has an ideal one. There is something mighty magical about sitting in that lounge having your nightly beverage of choice and dessert watching Wishes with the music piped in - you will not be sorry.


I know we’ll be very happy with our decision. It was just tough letting go of the Polynesian Club Level along with the theme park view from the room. I want it all…so very spoiled! Can’t wait to stay at The Contemporary!


My family and I stayed at the contemporary 2 years ago. We had the magic kingdom view. The room was fantastic too. Now it isn’t as themed as the poly. but if u miss the prettiness, hop on the mono to visit the poly. The food court is great. You are also in the same building as chef mickey’s. etc. etc. It became my favorite resort. Can’t beat that magic kingdom view.