Torn.... argh


We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge a few years ago and are going back to Walt Disney World in 2012 and wanted to stay at the Polynesian. I know we can do half and half but don’t want to do that. We loved the Wilderness Lodge… I guess it will be an excuss to go back in 2014… :closedeye


What’s the question. Is there one?


Was just sharing… lol.

Guess if there was a question: Wilderness Lodge or Polynesian?

I know it is our decision but just wondering who would rather do what here? :mickey:


[QUOTE=tjrey;1054794]Was just sharing… lol.

Guess if there was a question: Wilderness Lodge or Polynesian?

I know it is our decision but just wondering who would rather do what here? :mickey:[/QUOTE]

:laugh: I would chose WL. Not a fan of the Poly


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Poly. I have stayed at both, and WL was the first deluxe that I stayed at. At the time we really liked the WL, but I am not a rustic girl at all-just from a design standpoint. On the other hand… I love the atmosphere at the POLY. It is relaxing, peaceful, and with a view of the MK. You really cannot make a bad decision for either, and it is fun to try new ones. I say, go for the POLY since you have never stayed there. Try something new… This is not a risk that should be disappointing.

I would also look at at all of their reviews of hotels. Of course there are some bad apples in every set of reviews, but I think it gives you a pretty accurate reflection of what people think overall. Have a great trip!


They both have highlights but if I had to choose it would be Poly, no question.


I love WL but a monorail resort would be great also.


Neither am I. In fact, I’ve always said the Wilderness Lodge was the closest I would ever come to camping! The Poly did nothing for me – other than being able to check it off my list of places I’ve stayed. Next month will be the second time this year I’ve stayed at the WL.


Ok so we decided to do the “haven’t stayed there yet” thing. We will be staying at the Polynesian Resort in October of 2012. Will try to get into 1 of 3 buildings, Tahiti, Samoa, and Aotearoa with a balcony. Mostly likely will try to get a lagoon view in Tahiti or Aotearoa since Simoa doesn’t have any. It’s been difficult trying to get it to one specific building, and who is to say we will get any of these 3. Atleast we have 3 options for now :blush:


In Samoa there is a Lagoon “view”, it’s just not right in front of you. When you walk out on the patio/balcony if you look to the side you can see the beach and water, but that’s from Volcano side and Hawaii is between you and the beach. Remember though, 2nd has neither balcony or patio.


Unless you have an opportunity to stay at the WLV, then I’d take the Poly. I love the atmosphere. Heck - I’m from Canada - do I look like I need more rustic? All the rooms at the Poly should be refurbished by the time of your stay - although the Villas at the WL are very beautiful and we loved staying there.


For me…WL all the way…but if you want to be closer to MK, then go with Poly…I haven’t stayed at the Polynesian before…and never really had the desire to, so I can’t give you my opinion based on comparison…I just love WL!!!


I’ll go with the WL almost every time unless the budget will allow MK view in the Contemporary tower. I really love the main lobby and the facade of the WL as well as all rooms and restaurants being under one roof. Poly was nice and has big rooms, but again, those same sized rooms are also on the beam at the Contemporary and the monorail platform is entirely enclosed in air conditioned splendor.
(What possible need do I have for a Hawaiian themed resort with palm trees when I live in South Florida and have about 20 palm trees in my own yard, plus whatever the neighbors have).
With direct boat transportation from WL to MK, it’s about the same time as taking a resort launch and a little longer the monorail from the Poly.


I second Soundgod’s remarks. WL/VWL all the way.


We don’t own a timeshare with Disney, plus my parents are going down with us next trip. Currenly we are looking into the timeshare but still haven’t been sold on it yet.


They both have their own uniqueness, and have stayed at both, For us, it would be WL. Except for the monorail and Ohanas, the Poly just did not do anything special for us. Don’t get me wrong, it was very nice, but just not for us. Now the GF would be a different story.


I am sure no matter what we do it will be a great trip… they always are. We stayed at the GF for our honeymoon, and weren’t too impressed. Maybe we were exhausted from the wedding. Goes to show you that everyones taste is different.


Are they scheduled to have a refurbish?


i’m trying WL on my next trip in december & we haven’t stayed at Poly yet:sad:


You will love the WL it has to be our favorite resort. We did decide that if my parents don’t come with us then we will book that resort instead. :cool: