TOT Gift shop question


Does anyone know if the TOT gift shop has a bathrobe with the hotel monogram? My DS bday is Oct 1 and I would love to get him one. Thanks for your help!


I do not remember seeing one, but I could be wrong. Tinkerbell was jsut there last week. She may know for sure. Try PMing her. :mickey:


Yes they do have the bathrobe, I’m not sure how much it was, but I remember looking at it.


Yes they do, and I was going to get it. I loved it.We ended up with towels for our bathroom.

I believe I remeber the adult robe was $95.00, but it was very nice, heavy material.
I have, in the past called many of the stores directly for information.
Good Luck…


Here you go…
I just contacted the TOT gift shop. they do still have them and they are only $65.00 (they are really nice for that price)

The CM gave me a number for the merchandising dept. that can answer, and allow you to order merchandise from the parks.
Here it is 407-363-6200
Hope this helps,


Thanks for all your help! I called and placed my order and it is on the way! DS will be so surprised.


Your welcome…happy to help.
Was the price correct?


Yes it was. I checked an online reseller and their price was $130! $65 seemed like a huge sale after that. Shipping was $10.95. It was a very simple process and the CM was great. I’m going to remember this phone number!


Wow! $130.00 crazy.
I have used this number alot, we even order the famous Mickey Mouse EAR shaped balloons for our engagment party. I don’t think they even make the rubber type ones anymore (Yikes, I’m not that old) - but they were happy to send me a dozen at that time.
Let’s see, merchandise number…Disney’s Visa card… ah oh, this could be trouble!


i don’t remember much of the TOT gift shop but i remember a lot of clothing. it is a “hotel” so they should have a robe. is there a phone number you can call to see if they have the robe or a website to check it out?


Hi there, we got her the number and her hubby will soon be surprised with a new robe.

:mickey: Den