TOT trivia


I am such a nut about TOT, I would love to hear anyone else’s secrets about this ride. Here’s one that I like, while awaiting to enter the library rooms, check out the information signs on the walls, the ones with the little white letters, look at the bottom where some letters have fallen, and it reads…EVIL HOTEL…has anyone seen this or others cool things?
Den :blink:


I’m going on my first trip the day after tomorrow… I’ll make sure to look for it!


I like to sit in the middle seat in the back row. You can get some good air in that seat because you have room to let your legs go! Awesome!!


The game in the lobby - darn, can’t remember, but I think it’s dominoes, was half-played out and then “left” to enhance the mood that this place was evacuated in a hurry. Also, watch the “motors” beside the elevators - there are fiber-optics that make them spark.


It really says “EVIL HOTEL, YOU ARE DOOMED!” Joe


That’a right…thanks Joe.
Also, in the library room, check out the items on the shelves near the ceiling. You might recognize them from your favorite Twilight Shows. (Remember the devil slot machine, the episode with William Shatner, it’s there)


I have only ridden it one time and was a little freaked out at the time!! So I hope to notice more and go on it more this trip!!!

I really liked it despite I am terrified of heights!! I really like to challenge myself to try new things and things that are intimidating to me!! Conquer your fears I say!! What does not kill me makes me stronger!!! :redface:


I have to admit…I was so nervous heading in there (I’m a bit of a ride sissy!LOL :ohmy: ) that I didn’t see a darn thing!!! :pinch: When we head back in January I’m going to take a good look around (now that I know what’s coming :blink: )


A littel trip for drop rides. Clench your stomach muscles just before the drop and you won’t feel like your stomach is floating up to your mouth!


I totally have to check this out! Wow – the devil slot machine, no way!!


The Tower, at 199 feet tall, stands a foot short of 200 feet for a reason. According to federal laws, any structure 200 feet or taller must have flashing warning lights for airplanes. Disney Imagineers thought the lights would detract from the atmosphere of the building so it was decided to make the building only 199 feet tall.


I also heard that part of the rehab now changed the hight of the drop. It actually goes a foot higher, so when they snap your picture, you are actually falling, not just shaken. Anyone hear this. I have not been on it yet, since all the lap bars have been removed and seat belts have been installed


I’ve only ridden it once, and that was back in 95 or 96! Our past two trips, the first time we had FP’s but Fantasmic was starting and so we never rode, the second trip, DH went on while I took the kids on the Great Movie Ride (which incidentally I can’t stand lol, it’s so boring once you’ve been on it once or twice) so I missed out again!

Next time, and I’ll have to look for Evil Hotel…maybe the D fell off?



Yes, they are all seatbelt seats now. No more bar across your lap.
Didn’t notice the exact time the picture is taken though? Joe