OK… I forgot to write back after my 10/07 trip to WDW… I was not sure if I wanted to go on ToT… Anyway I did and I went on a few times after (I really did like it!).

That is all I want to say and thanks for coaching me into going on ToT.

So now I went on ALL the WDW parks rides (except Rocking Rollercoster it was closed)… next year!


PS: the first time we went up and down 3 full drops!!! longer drops that the 2nd -3rd, etc so I guess I got it bad (good) the first time going


I am so happy you tired and liked TOT…it’s one of my favorites!


ToT is my FAVORITE ride! I’m glad to see I’m not alone!


I love the ToT, it’s also my favorite ride. Unfortunately, I can’t get 10yodd to ride it, so dh and I have to take turns riding alone, or only get to ride it when we have friends with us (not often). I hope someday I can get her on it! (I really think she would love the ride, it’s the themeing that scares her–she won’t do the Haunted Mansion or POTC either)


Glad you gave it a chance and liked it! Way to stare fear in the face!!!


It’s the theming that scares me:blush: eery child’s voice "It’s raining it’s pouring…:eek:


I love ToT. I got DS to ride it once when he was 4. He’s refused the last two trips.


I find it a bit boring now, but it’s still a fabulous ride in its own right. That and RnRC are the only reasons i’d go there


Last time we were in the Studios, we had time for one ride before Fantasmic.
As always, it was a choice between ToT and RnRCoaster. Even though I’m a coaster rider, ToT won out. Plus, since they’ve randomized the drops, I think it’s a much better experience.


Ha! We talked our youngest DS into riding it once ( I bribed him, told him he couldn’t have any of the merchandise unless he had actually been on the ride), but that was it. He wasn’t a fan at all. :cool:

Too bad, since everyone else in the family IS!


Love ToT. One night when it was pouring rain outside, they let us go on three times in a row - that’s not such a good thing.:blow: