Totally Paid In Full!


This trip is officially paid in full…everything. The towncar, the spending money…EVERYTHING! I just got a surprise bonus and paid off the rest…I only had towncar and some spending money left to save for…all done!!! I also had enough to pay off my credit cards (wasn’t all that much to begin with)…I feel like a 500lb monkey just jumped off my back…I can breathe!

Thanks for letting me shout it!


That’s great :smile:


I’m SO happy!!!


Congratulations!!! Have a great trip!!!


Congrats!! I love having a trip paid for before it even happens. We are paid in full too but we better be we leave in less than 2 days. Actually, I haven’t paid for the dining plan (through DVC so we pay when we check in) but we have the money set aside to pay off the credit card when we get home. I don’t want to carry that much cash with us so we’ll just take care of it when we get home.


Makes perfect sense to me. I had all travel checks to pay off the dining for 6 people when we went in October…I sware I ws ready for heart failure having all that money on me…I practically threw it at the CM at check in just to lift the burden…lol I should have just used the credit cards…lol

This trip the dining is free (yes, I am gloating…lol) and everything was in a neat little package…only needed speding money per day and money to pay the towncar on arrival…I am SO excited now. I was really starting to panic financially like I do before every trip…I always worry about the spending money cause nothing stinks more than trying to penny pinch the entire trip…it takes something away from it for me…especially after trying to save for a year for this trip.


that’s awsome Dana!! congats!

you are going to have a fantastic trip & now that that 500lb. monkey is off your back…it will make the waiting all that much easier! LOL


AAAAAAAAAMEN to that…lol Especially in that florida sun.:laugh: monkies are hairy…they have to sweat something nasty.:blow:


That is the BEST feeling ever!! Now there is nothing left to do but enjoy! Congrats!


Yes, it is…really is. I always feel so much pressure right before a trip. I worry about the bills etc…this was a surprise. I really thought it was going to be all the way until my last pay check…thank goodness I can start saving again…I hate that pressure of trying to pay off everything plus trying to save…SO hard.


What a great feeling!!! Congrats!!! :cool: :happy:

(I still need to get my park hoppers for Aug trip and reserve car rental and dining money! :ph34r: )


I hear ya on that!!!

hey what happened to your countdown? :confused:


I don’t know. It just went away…I have tried to reset it a few times, but it won’t work. I pmed mickey. Hopefully he can help me.


Bummer! :mellow:

Too much gloating? :laugh:


CONGRATS Dana, that’s GREAT!


It is always awesome to go on a trip you know is already paid for! It makes it so much more enjoyable knowing you do not have to come home and pay for it!


That will make it even more enjoyable. Know when you come back instead of paying off a trip you can save for a new one.:goofybounce:


COngratulations!!! On both the bonus and paying the trip off!!! You deserve both.


YAY Dana!!
We got ours paid off, too and I know what you mean about that 500 lb monkey! :laugh:


Maybe that’s what happens when you get to 19K posts?:ohmy: :laugh: