Totally spur-of-the moment, nothing planned TR


To my delight and surprise I was/am able to fit in one more mini trip before we leave FL.

Let me start by saying I have no pics from the first day as I didn’t even know we were going, so I didn’t bring the camera.

As some of you may know we have been spending the winter in FL. I have been able to manage a couple of short visits since we have been here.

In Dec. I had to stop in at MK for a day visit and see the castle-icicle lights.
Then we had a surprise 2 day visit when we stayed at ASMu in Jan. thanks to my wonderful DH :wub: .

Well, we left the RV park in Bushnell, FL, where we had spent a little over 3 months, on Wed. DH needed to be in Tampa to pick up a part he had ordered for his truck, so we decided to spend a day at Bush Gardens. We had a great day and I was sure we were heading home after that.

The good/bad news was that the part that was ordered was incorrect and a new part had to be ordered but could only be picked up in their Orlando location…ON MONDAY!

So that meant we needed to find a park to spend the weekend. We called FW immediately and unfortunately they did not have a spot for us :frown:.

We were able to find a very nice park in Davenport, FL (15 miles from WDW) right off of I-4. We got settled in on Sat. and we will be staying until Tues.

Now, DH is not the Disney lover I am, and he is getting a little Disney’d out. However, I casually mentioned that I would love to drive over to FW to have dinner at Trail’s End buffet. It helped that he had been craving ribs for a few weeks now and they have very good ones. So we did just that and arrived at the podium at 4:30. The place was empty, except for one very large group of about 90 people, and we were seated right away.

During dinner DH asked if I brought the passes (duh), of course I did and suggested that we head over to MK after dinner for Wishes. YAY!

Unfortunately it was a P&PP night and they were closing at 7:00. By the time we got to the gate it was 6:30. They were only admitting party guests as they were not having Wishes that evening :crying: .

Oh well I got to see the castle and have a boat ride. Ready to head home, DH suggests that we take a ride on the monorail and stop at EPCOT (isn’t he the greatest). The monorail was crowded, but the people were in good spirits. We arrived at Epcot and got in in no time. The kids wanted to ride rides, but the FP’s were all gone and the wait times were insane (50 mins. for TT) (65 mins. for Soarin’).

We decided to stroll WS. We had a blast. It was one of those times when we just enjoyed each others company and goofed around. We browsed in the shops, had a funnel cake, watched the Chinese acrobats and Mo-Rockin’.

As we ended our trip in Canada, it was 8:00 p.m. Time to find seats for Illuminations. We got great ones right in the front. The show was less than perfect, although we still enjoyed it. The globe stopped working about 1/2 way through. No images, no spinning, nothing. The fireworks and lasers still worked however and near the end they were able to get it working in time for the sphere to open and allow the fireworks to shoot out of the middle.

We decided to browse a few more shops and let the masses exit the parks. We spent some time in Mouse Gears and then headed for a bus back to FW.

We had a really great evening.

Today we are hanging out at the RV park and the kids are using the pool and playing with some other kids.

The kids and I are going back tomorrow for 1/2 a day at Epcot and 1/2 day at MK. I promise to bring the camera this time.


What a great spur of the moment trip! and I look forward to some pictures for tomorrow’s report- have a great day.


Thank you! The weather is supposed to be hot, but we’ll suffer through it :happy: .

I promise to take lots of pics.


yay :smile:


What a great surprise trip. Sorry you didn’t get into the MK for wishes, but so happy you all had a great time at Epcot. Can’t wait to hear about your next day there and look forward to seeing some pictures. I woke up wishing I was at WDW something fierce, so I need some pictures…lol


How fun to end up going to WDW when you weren’t even planning.

I can’t imagine. Every trip to WDW means months of detailed planning for us.


yea! It is a beautiful day… glad you are getting to enjoy it in your favorite place!


Pics coming up next week.


It is fun. We are fortunate to spend a good amount of time here in FL, that means lots of trips. Having the RV makes it pretty easy to find a place to stay close by if we can’t get on property. AP’s make it possible to stop in any time. I am not much of a planner anyway except for ADR’s.


It is a beautiful day. Thanks.


that’s wonderful!!! even better that it was a surprise trip!! have fun tomorrow!


Thank You! I will definitely have fun because I am going to make it my goal for the day to have fun. No negativity, no fighting or arguing, just fun.


have fun tommorow!!!


Thank You!


I’m wishing I was in Florida right now! I’m craving warm weather!
I look forward to hearing more!


More is coming shortly. I will be uploading the pics today. We had a wonderful day filled with things we often forget to do. We did ride rides, but we spent time doing lots of other stuff too.

Pics and the rest of the TR coming up soon.


Spur of the moment trips are usually the best!

No expectations, and no pressure to “fill in every valuable second”…

Glad to hear that you were able to make an appearance.

So, um, how much did you actually slip the parts guy to get the part sent to Orlando? :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Can’t wait for the rest!



Spur of the moment trips are so much fun! Enjoy yourself!