Tough Decision


My wife is pregnant and due in December. We usually go to disney in February and have been the past 8yrs in a row. My 3 yr old son has been 3 times already and asks us on a daily basis to go… With my wife out of work after the baby comes for 12 weeks and no pay. How can we find a way to go?


Well, first off, I’m not sure that taking an 8-10 week old baby is a wonderful idea. I would try to go before she is due, ideally around September sometime, or maybe wait until May. You can hit value seasons in those times, and maybe stay at a value resort.

Also, your wife should be entitled to disablity pay for atleast 6 weeks following her delivery, but I’m not sure how that works state by state.


Are you married to someone from this board? Someone just asked this question yesterday. haha!


yes my wife is boucher0911


Yes, dear - you need to catch up on your reading! See the thread titled “Feelin’ a little depressed”. We need to play the lotto!:laugh: :laugh:


Not in NJ… no lottery until further notice…


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Haha! I knew it!!


I agree, I would consider going in late Sept. or October. It is not to hot, you will have time to rest after the baby is born and you could take your son to MNSSHP.


Only problem with going in the fall is that we don’t have a free place to stay like we would in Feb (when my dad goes). Also, I wouldn’t be able to go on any of the rides, so that would be a big tease!!! Although if it were the only option, I would take it in a second!!!


sorry dear I am not as addicted to this site as you are!!! LOL


I agree with the other go before she gives birth. A small baby will be a bit dificult if you have a 3yr old already and it will not be much fun for her.
Good luck with the trip and the newborn.


Honey maybe we should go the end of this month from fri night to monday night. hint hint


You are the one missing out!


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While you would not be able to do any of the big thrill rides, there is still plenty to do while pregnant. I’ve been looking into this myself, since we have our trip set for December, and we are also in the ties of trying to get pregnant now. Also, with September, there is still the free dining promo (I think) and they are promoting a few special shows/events toward the preschoolers for your 3 year old. I would atleast consider it. I don’t think I’d be able to go back with my DD (who is 2 1/2 right now) with a newborn. Personally, I’d have to wait until about 6 months old or go before he/she is born.


Thank you Princess Pooh!!!

Lets book it now. LOL


Keep in mind it can still be hot in September. We went two years ago and it was about 95 by noon every day… Just a thought!!!


DW went when she was 6 months. She complained for weeks that she would not be able to do anything at the park and would be just sitting around watching our two older kids. They were 3 and 5 at the time. She had a great time and still says there was so much she was able to do. We saw a lot of shows that trip and went at a slower pace and were able to see Disney in a different light.


I like the going in September idea. You can catch value season and take your time touring. Make this a pre-baby trip so your 3 year old can get one last horah as an only child…I’m triyng to make you book…lol