Tough Hotel Decisions!


Hi All,

As you may or may not know, I am getting married at WDW in May 2007. (Was originally booked Oct 2006, but that’s a whole other long story! lol)
I need some advice, but it requires a bit of explaining, so bear with me :slight_smile:

Our ceremony is being held at Seabreeze Point at the Boardwalk, and the reception is at the Boardwalk Inn. I am so excited!

Disney is getting ready to send out our save the date notices to our invitees, and we had to select a value, moderate, and deluxe resort to offer our guests at discounted prices. We have selected All Star Music, Coronado Springs, and AKL. My fiancee and I are staying at AKL, but the majority of our guests are staying at the Coronado Springs.

Here’s my question - is it bad etiquette for us to be the only 2 staying at the AKL when most guests are at the Coronado? My fiancee and I will be going for 10 days, and then a 4 night Disney cruise, and the rest of our guests are going for 6 nights 7 days. I suggested that we stay at the Beach Club or Boardwalk for the first 4 nights, since it is close to the wedding site (We arrive on Friday, guests arrive Sunday, wedding is Monday) and then move over to the Coronado for the last 5 nights. Price wise it works out almost the same as 9 nights at AKL. And it is a compromise. Fiancee disagrees and thinks it is unneccessary to do this.

We want to stay deluxe since it is our wedding, but I don’t want to make our guests feel like we aren’t staying with them either since they are coming all that way for our wedding.

What would you do if you were me? Help!


I don’t think that is bad at all. They still have the choice to stay there if they would like so you aren’t telling them that they can’t. But if they don’t then that will just give you a little more privacy. I would just be happy to be able to share the wedding with my loved ones.


It’s your wedding and you will only do it once so you need to make it special for you. Your guests will be fine, they have a choice of where they stay and if the pick a moderate great but I don’t think you have to stay with them. Normally I think it might be more fun to be with family on vacation but this is your wedding and honeymoon.


I would not feel guilty about staying at AKL…it’s your honeymoon!
If you want to hang out with your guests you can do so, but in the evening still head back for some privacy at AKL!


No it is not bad etiquette. In a situation as special as your wedding, guests will understand. I’m sure they will want the most special experience for you, and if AKL is it, then more power to you!

For our wedding, we stayed at the same hotel with my family for the first couple of days, and the day of the wedding we moved to our own. My family was still in town for a while, but we moved to another hotel for privacy to enjoy our honeymoon. There was nothing wrong with that, and we were still able to enjoy some time with my family before they left!


It’s your wedding, and if you want to stay at AKL then do so.
Your guest should understand.


I would say its for privacy- there is nothing worse than having guests knocking on your hotel door the night after the wedding (been there done that) talk about awkward


Thanks for the advice everyone. My fiancee will be happy to hear it! I feel better knowing others agree that we’re not being rude :slight_smile:


Nope, not rude at all.


Yeah, definitely not bad etiquette in my opinion. Personally, I think it sounds perfect to have the guests staying at the Coronado and you at the AKL.


Yeah, I think it makes sense. It’s a quick jaunt over to the Coronado from the AKL by car - about 2 mins if I remember correctly. So at least we can all be close to each other :slight_smile:


That’s a good point! You did pick resorts that are close to each other. At least you didn’t relegate your guests to the All-Stars and decide to stay at the Contemporary…that would be quite a bit more of a drive! :tongue:


I think its understood that the bride and groom get the best. Most guests are happy to be sharing the moment with you. As long as the accomodations are nice and clean there isn’t a problem. Not bad etiquette at all.


I agree that staying at AKL is a good idea. You can meet up with family when you want but with no one banging on your door just for fun. :pinch:


Its not rude at all, infact most people will probably expect you to want to stay in a lavish hotel just like AKL, its your wedding, everything needs to be extravegant an special!


I don’t think it’s a bad idea for you guys to be staying at a seperate resort from your guests at all. A little privacy for the newly married couple will be nice I think.


It not at all rude and if your guest want to upgrade they can. I think it would not be good to make some guest stay in a deluxe if they can’t afford it this way they have options.


Depends whos paying for the hotels… If it is them (GUESTS) they can stay where ever. If u are paying I would have them stay at a value. Its not like u all cant meet up somewheres and enjoy the time. Good Luck and CONGRATS!!! I want to re do my 10 year vows at WDW. I have no clue how to get started!! I may check it out on their site…


If you are interested in doing a vow renewal, it works similar to the wedding packages - you can do intimate for a smaller price, and custom for a range of prices. Definitely check out It’s an awesome website and has a ton of information! It will definitely help you get started.

And thanks for the congratulations!


I completely agree. Our guests have the option to stay at 3 different levels of hotels at really good discounted prices, so it’s totally their choice. I was just concernced b/c they all made the same choice of hotel, and I wasn’t sure if I should change my mind. But now I feel better about it. As much as I would love for a few to be staying at our hotel, I guess it will be kinda nice to have some privacy with my husband to be in the most magical place ever!