Tough to be a Bug now Nemo?


We were in a battle of who knows the most about Walt Disney World (me, obviously, since Mr. Smith doesn’t even know that Magic Kingdom is not Disney World - that Walt Disney World is the entire property and MK is an individual park… urg), and Mr. Smith tells me that The Tree of Life has gone into rehab and it’s now under the sea. Thinking he meant the outside of the tree, I immediately told him that he was wrong (why would they change the carvings to fish???). Then he said that he meant the show inside and that it was no longer about bugs but about Nemo. “You know how they’ve been switching all of the rides to be Nemo, now?” Well, that started me on a new rant, so I never got to hear where he heard this info.

Anyway… can anyone confirm this rumor? Is it real? If so, why haven’t I heard anything about it?


Tarzan is now Nemo…it’s tough to be a bug is right where is always has been. You were right.


Hey- they could re-carve the Tree of Life into a giant head of coral:nemo:


Yep, I agree with Dana. He might have his attractions mixed up. ITTBAB is still a pretty good draw, I don’t think they would change it.

I agree he’s thinking about Theater in the Wild.


Should’ve known. And he kept telling me that he could totally whoop me in Disney trivia. Puh. He said that we’re going to play a game at WDW. I will definitley win.

Note to self: Never trust a guy who thinks that Magic Kingdom is Disney World.


Yes you totally won. Unless they changed both attractions and the tree since October 22, ITTBAB and the tree are still intact. Nemo has the ampitheater for a show.
Just my 2 reinforced cents!


Even though Nemo was and still is extremely popular, I don’t think one park would feature 2 attractions based on the movie.
Since AK just recently opened Nemo the Musical, I think that’ll be it for AK.
Just MHO of course!


It was still ITTBAB yesterday. :smile:


On that note, my DW and I were sitting at bus stop #3 at CSR and a woman picked up the resort phone and called the front desk and asked if there was “a bus that goes to Walt Disney World?”!


hee-hee! Ilove that one!

Yeah. That guy got it all mixed up. He’s thinking about Tarzan turning into the Nemo show.


I think he was just messing with you. :laugh: