Touring in July


I am going to WDW in July and would like to know what it’s like. I would also like any tips I can get for handling the midsummer crowds and the heat. Thanks.


July is HOT and really crowded. We usually go in July and manage by getting to the parks at open and get as much done as we can by about lunch, take a break at our resort then go back to the parks for dinner. Use Fastpass as much as you can, we always have one in our hand.


There were a lot of tour groups last July. When you are getting your fast passes make sure that you do not get behind a tour leader. They are getting fast passes for about 100 students. I agree with DisneyTeacher, that you should get there early, take a break, and come back in the evening. You can also eat at off times.
Make sure you bring lots of water and some type of mister or mini fan. It gets really hot!


been two years in july bring lots of water and take lots of breaks. this year we are going in sept i hope its not as crowded or hot. does any one know?


September is just about as hot as July.


July is definately a hot, crowded month. You are best taking advantage of Extra magic hours as much as possible…make sure you have your advance dinig reservations planned and booked too. You should try to have at least one meal planned per day so you know that you will be eating at least one table meal.
You should plan on taking a mid-day break every day to get out of the heat and away from the larger crowds.


We went last July and it was SO HOT! (I live in Fl I should have know better :blush: ) BUT, since you already have your trip planned, then here is my tips (kinda matches everyone elses)

  1. Bring bottled water and one of the washcloths from the room. Soaking wet on the back of your neck works WONDERS!!

  2. Hit rope drop, do as much as you can BEFORE 12 noon! By then the sun is HIGH and HOT . . . go back to the room, swim, sit in the A/C relax! Even DTD, at least you can walk in and out of A/C stores!

  3. Even at night it’s HOT, but minus the SUN tolerable . . . so hit the EMH parks at this time . . . you’ll still see a lot, including night time parades and fireworks!

WEAR LOTS OF SUNSCREEN . . . the Florida sun burns FAST!! I’ve even seen people walking around with umbrellas to block the rays and heat!


I personally don’t think July is that bad (we went the week after July 4th). Of course its hot, its July, but its hot everywhere in July. I’ve been in fall and spring when the crowds were just as bad. MK was the most crowded, so go there early and leave by mid afternoon. The other parks were great with manageable crowds. The parks are opened late, so you can go early, take a siesta is the afternnon back at the resort or swim, and then return to the parks later. Definitely make sure you make your ADR’s, as the restaurants do fill up.


Good to know. You guys have been very helpful. Thanks!


All the summer months are NASTY heat and humidity wise. This means Late May through September. Floridians don’t go outside during the day during these months!
The crowds peak from mid June through Labor Day. Of course, these crowds aren’t Christmas level, but they are pretty heavy.


July is very busy and hot too- also its the UK’s main school holidays and Florida is still a very popular holiday choice (But of course us Brits are all fab and that wouldnt be a July problem )


Have a touring plan that includes air conditioned attractions spread through it. This will be a big help.


The early/late plan is the best. Go first thing in the morning, stay til it gets too crowded, then go back to your hotel. Nap, eat, enjoy the pool. Then go back in the evening.

The best thing is to get yourself a poncho and go back when it rains. (which is pretty much every day in July, right around dinner time) The parks empty out and you can walk right on the rides.

Rain is your friend!


Went once in july and it was so hot…I will never go in july again(thats just me). If that is the only time you can go, you will still have a great time.


Back to the resort for a midday swim.

Take advantage of rope drop.

Sit in shade whenever you can.

Drink a lot of water.

Ride the wet rides or hop into a squirting fountain.


We’re going there to celebrate my Mom’s 70th birthday and my sister’s 40th birthday, so the time is arranged to coincide with those two events. So it is out of my hands. I will try to incorporate much of what people have said here into my touring plan to make the best of i and do as much as we can, as comfortably as we can.