Touring Kidani?


So we are owners at Kidani Village and will be visiting WDW in September. But we are not staying at Kidani, just using the last of our Developer Points and staying at SSR. We are definitely headed over to Kidani to check it out, but I know some areas (like the pool) are only accessible by room key. Is there any way we can tour around the whole resort without staying there because we are owners? We don’t want to do anything illegal like use the pool, we just want to get the lay of the land.


I’d say as “owners” using the pool wouldn’t be illegal? Just MHO!

That said, the girls and I visited Wishy when she was staying there. At the gate I just told them we were meeting a guest. The guard let me right in. Wish showed us all around and the resorts is BEAUTIFUL!

I don’t think touring around is any problem . . . if you had ressies there for dinner, there is nothing stopping you from walking around, checking out the lobby, gift shop etc. You just won’t be able to get into key pass areas, but you can still peak through the glass windows! :laugh:


Thanks, Jen!