Touring Style


I’ve always gone all commando at the parks. We are there at least 30 minutes before rope drop. We follow a touring plan, which I’m willing to adjust later in the day, when we have “checked off” the major attractions that form the longest lines.

But it’s hard on my family. The kids are staying up later than they are accustomed to. Everyone, but me, is getting up earlier. And while we SAY we are going to take an afternoon break, we rarely do.

I just wanted to have this poll to get other folks’ insights.



Cavey goes commando!
Cavey goes commando!

Sorry, having an early morning laugh. We did it the same way you do for many years. The way I saw it, the kids could rest up after vacation.

Now that they are in college, we sleep in, crawl to the pool and hot tub where we spend long hours in the sun… then make our way to a park or two and do a few fun things before we head back to the hot tub. And cocktails. Lots of cocktails.


I am usually in the commando club with you. I feel like I’m not getting my $$'s worth if I don’t go all out. This trip however, I know my kiddos will need those afternoon breaks. I anticipate that we will hit ropedrops (they are used to getting up at 6am) but will take that afternoon break too. Its going to be very hard for me to dial it down, but, I know everyonr will have more fun if the boys are not exhausted and miserable. (I’m just going to have to remind myself of that . . Every time we need a break. Lol)


[QUOTE=MissDisney;1108416]Cavey goes commando!
Cavey goes commando!

No, this is not photoshopped. This is a real picture. I won a Campmor T-shirt for submitting it. Yes, I was cold.

  • I should add that we hammered those parks, with the exception of a break in the middle of the day when it was hottest, the kids were tiredest and the parks were packedest. LOL The way I saw it, there was no reason to be in the parks when people were making us nuts (including each other!)

Also – I organized the scheduled with mathematical precision, with one park in the morning and another after the midday break – so during each vacation, we had a morning and an evening in each park. It kept the kids’ attention better too.


Can’t imagine why you might have been cold! :laugh:


I suppose it depends on how long we are going to be in WDW, but for the most part, we go with a plan and then divert from it when needed.

Last year we decided we wanted to be rested and that we wanted to have time to see things we don’t normally see. We made it to one rope drop at MK, but slept a little later and got to the parks within an hour of opening. We didn’t utilize either of the EMHs, but felt like we got to see everything we really wanted to.

DH was 13 at the time and needed more sleep than usual because of how much he is growing, and I was really glad we allowed a little flexibility in our touring. We just made sure everyone got their “A list” attractions for the day and then relaxed.

Last trip was 7 days, so we had a lot of time to fit things in and got to tour three of the parks twice. That helped with the easy-going attitude, I’m sure :slight_smile:


We have a very loose plan…and it can change frequently.

After years of commando mode (courtesty of dh who was going to get his money’s worth whether his children dropped of exhaustion or not) I put my foot down. Now we’re much more relaxed. I have to say it’s much less stressful and a way more enjoyable. We might miss a thing or two, but at least we’re not bickering.


I had to choose three of those options because we normally hit rope drop, take a break in the afternoon and then go back in the evening but we don’t normally stay for fireworks. We are morning people. We will usually choose one or two nights during a 8-9 night trip to stay out late with the next day a chill out by the pool day. We never fill wore out or exhausted because we pretty much stick to normal bed times.


You have socks and shoes on…cheater :glare:



Cavey, with your kids getting older and with each time you take them to WDW, you will find that your touring style will change a bit. Once we got a couple trips under our belts we started lightening up on the get every ride in mode, because they have done it, and know they will get back to it some time. So, once we slowed down, we would pick which park for the day that morning and each person would pick two things they wanted to do/see. We hit all those items first thing in the morning so everyone was satisfied, and then “go with the flow” mode for the rest of the day. So much more relaxing and enjoyable. Now that they are teenagers, we’ve adjusted again to make sure family is together for the important things, food and favorite rides, but also for them with independent time, going off to their favorite rides, or spending the afternoon at the pool. I guess what I’m getting at is depending on what stage of life everyone is, there is a way to make everyone happy, you just have to adjust as the years go by.


We do commando mornings, go with the flow afternoons. We’re out of the park fairly early because we’ve still got a little one who needs her sleep, and I figure everyone will be happier if she keeps to her sleeping schedule. :happy:

DS11 usually gets to rock one late night… but I like that to be the last night. He can be cranky on the way home.


We do the afternoon break, and we’re all adults!

Seriously, late afternoon is when everyone starts getting crabby - not just your immediate travel party either, but other WDW guests. It’s a really good idea to take a break for a few hours. If your resort isn’t convenient to the parks, then this is a good time to schedule an ADR, leave the park and go to a nearby resort/restaurant, or visit Hall of Presidents.

I’d say our touring style is like Andrea’s - commando mornings, go-with-the-flow afternoons. We [try] to hit rope drop and do all of the big attractions before the crowds come. This is of course the most beneficial in Magic Kingdom, the most crowded park. And we do early EMH if we can make it - if not, we steer clear of that park until maybe the evening.


I’m with Andrea, usually do commando mornings, go with the flow afternoons.
We hit rope drop at every park, hit all the must do’s then after lunch depending on which park we’re in determines what we do.

-If in MK we leave around 2, only because we’re staying in that area and won’t waste much time in transit. When they design another 3:00 parade worth staying for then we may, until then we return before 6 to wrap up a few more attractions before the fireworks. Back to the room before midnight.

-If in EP we stay all day. Too much to see, no time to leave. If we need a break we’ll take a small one at each country since we’re usually “consuming” around the world anyway. Leave after Illuminations. Next trip may change since we plan on doing a split stay between SoG/ BW Resorts.

-If in AK since that park closes the earliest we stay till Jammin Parade, hit river ride one last time for total soakdown then head out by 5. That’s usually my laundry day while the kids have pizza out by the pool.

-HS is our least fav park of the 4. Hit rope drop, leave by lunch and go to BB if we have water tix then back at 6 to close the park. If no water then leave after the 3:00 parade and head to EP. The boat ride over is a break in itself.

All this works for us now, and when the girls were younger.


My family likes to sleep in since it is off season, but I always wake before dawn and am out with the camera shooting the resort or whatever. Many times I will go to the park for rope drop and then go back to the resort to wake the family after I’ve had some ME time.

And I always stay for extra magic hour, always!



You are nuts, you know that?


—we usually get to the parks around 9, and stay until whenever that particular one closes—or head to the MK when it’s open to midnight. We go and go all day long, but because we do it that way, are never rushed.

We are just adults now, but even when my daughter was young, she was so thrilled with being there that she never needed a nap or rest. Go go go—then sleep well at night!

Sometimes we will get to the early opening park for a couple hours, then switch over to another one not so crowded.


We don’t necessarily hit rope drop, but we do get in the parks early. Hit the “most important stuff”, then take an afternoon break. If we are in MK or EPCOT in the evening, we’ll stay for the fireworks(at least once at EPCOT.). We’ve been lucky enough to stay at the Poly for our last two visits so we’ve enjoyed the MK fireworks from our balcony many nights. It’s the perfect end to a great day. Sad to say…I think I’ll be out voted the next time we go…:frowning: Oh well, it’ll still be WDW!!


Actually we sleep late OR return for mid day nap, depending on EMH and morning meals.
But as many times as we’ve been to WDW, almost nothing is a must do at this point.
That alone takes plenty of pressure off.


Like llama, I was the crazy commando leading the troops forward. I was not going to hit I-4 knowing I might have squeezed out one more attraction.

Now that the kids are all grown up, our pattern changes with the day and how we feel when we wake up. I’ll even leave Pam to sleep in and hit a park for AM EMH since I am usually up by 6:00 anyway. If not in a park by myself Pam can find me by the pool with my coffee and a paper.

And cocktail hour(s) are now a major part of our trips. Right down to the Bailey’s Irish Cream in my coffee. :laugh: