Touringplan questions


Does anyone else use the touring plans?? We use them every trip and they always seem to work great. I was just wondering if anyone knows of somewhere to get customized plans. used to offer them but doesn’t any longer. Any ideas?



I"m not quite sure if this is what you are looking for, but you can order customized maps directly from Disney. I have them for all 4 parks and they are very nice. Plus they are free!!

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pjfnme, as a matter of fact…

Our very own Dana has started a new business doing just that very service… making custom planners for people! Give her a quick PM and check it out.

Or you can visit her site: Pixie Planners - Disney Vacation Planning

Boy oh boy, are you in luck!!!


Ooops… sorry… read your post to quickly… I thought it said customized maps…

Like MissDisney said… check out Dana…


I’ve gone to the Touringplans site many times and was wondering how accurate their crowd calendar is. Can anyone tell me??:confused:


Oh great!! Thanks so much for the info…I will most definitely check into that!!!


Personally, I feel that they are very accurate. Others might feel differently but, I have always gone by their predictions and we have never been steered wrong reg which park to visit on which day. There are always days when the crowds might be a little heavier or a little lighter but, I think that they are generally on par with the actual crowd level.


Hi!! Thanks for the info! Can you tell me how to order them though??? I went to the site, customized the maps but, I can’t find a way to actually place the order!! Am I missing something?? Help!


While Dana was still in the “planning phase” of her new business, she presented me with the gift of a Personal Planner. I cannot tell you how invaluable that planner was to me! We’ve been to WDW more than 20 times - you think we’d know the parks, etc. like the back of our hand, but I can’t tell you how many times I grabbed the planner and immediately found the answer to a question that came up - parade times, closures, etc.

Not only was the information totally accurate, it was in such a easy-to-read format that I would find what I was looking for in a manner of seconds - saved searching through ALL that info WDW hands you when you check in.

We have friends that are talking about their first trip this year - I’m going to purchase a Planner from Dana, as a gift to them. I know it will make their first trip a hit.


Hmmm… I ordered mine about 8 months ago. I customized them… then there was a button to click to order. I’m sure it is there somewhere. You can order new maps every six months, but you can update your current maps anytime… and then print them out at home as well. Hope you can figure it out because they are really nice!


llama that is a great idea! I will keep that in mind.