Tower of Terror Exit or aka Chicken door


I would love to see the inside of the tower of terror, but I am not good with drops.:blink: Has anyone ever taken the exit before the elevator. I would love to see the tower but would not want to ride the ride. Is it easy to find the exit and would it be worth it just seeing the inside of the tower without doing the ride?


It’s absolutely worth it. My daughter is the same way but enjoys walking with us up to the very last minute. When you get to the elavator just mention to the CM that you don’t want to ride and they’ll show you to the side door. No muss no fuss and they don’t make you feel bad…or at least haven’t in our case. Like everything Disney getting to the ride is a huge part of the fun. Enjoy!!


My DH has taken the chicken door, the CM leads him right to it right before we board the elevator. It’s worth checking out!


“chicken door” is easily to get to. CMs gladly show you how to get to it once you signal to them that you don’t want to ride. Do it in the morning when the park first opens so you aren’t waiting over 30minutes just to see the inside. Right in the morning, you can walk through pretty quickly and take as many pictures as you please. Do this on an EMH morning and this process will take you about 5 minutes.


thank you i always wanted to see the inside also but drops and i dont get along… lol… i will try this in september when we go…


Also keep in mind it is the second “elevator” you get in. The first one is right off the lobby and it lets you into the “briefing room” The one you want to leave before is the one in the boiler room.

Really worth doing! In my opinion it may be the best attraction in WDW for totally developing a vibe. It is a shame you cannot do the first part of the elevator “trip” and bail out just before the drop as that is some seriously sureal theming.



Thanks for all the good information. :goofybounce:


There’s a chicken door?


I thought every attraction had one. I hope so, my BIL has a bad back, but I told him he can come through w/us to see stuff. Especially the stuff @ EE.


The theme inside TOT is amazing. I have only ridden it once or twice, you all know I am Queen Chicken when it comes to rides. I rode it when it was only one drop, now its several the old ticker wont stand the shock I fear! I didn’t know there was a chicken door either.


Ah, the infamous WALK OF SHAME!


“There’s a fine line between Saturday night and Sunday morning.”


Better that than to be frog walked in handcuffs.


You mean that’s NOT part of the ride…:eek:


As a professional Chicken Exiter, I can tell you with confidence that they all do! In fact I think they have to have chicken exits.

For EE, I was directed to an exit gate when I got to the CM that asked how many in our party. That’s right next to where the trains pull up, so I got to see everything in the queue that anyone else would. By the way, the chicken exit gate lets you out right next to the gift shop that the ride itself empties into, so it was really easy to meet back up with everyone else.

With any ride where I’m not sure how to exit, I just ask the CM at the entrance of the ride what I should do if I want to go through the queue but not ride. They’ll tell you exactly how to do it.


Ahhh the infamous Chicken Door. I didn’t know there was one on ToT. I was all “ack I’m really riding this ride, I hate heights…” blah blah. After I about wet my pants from the whole ride, dh leans over “By the way, there was a Chicken Door.” :ohmy: You want to talk about a man almost getting knocked unconscious. :glare:

I KNEW there was one in Haunted Mansion, and ds#1 is a ‘wimp’. He was FREAKING out and he heard “there’s the exit” and He BOLTED! I couldn’t catch him and he started a chain reaction. 5 other kids ran out screaming SAVE ME! Funny now, mad as a hornet then because I missed my fave ride all because I saw him bolt and dh didn’t. Though if you ask me, dh pretended he didn’t ‘see’ him. :glare:


So many possibilities to explore, most best left undisturbed:cool:


Yup! The chicken door (elevator) is right next to the real ride elevators! Definitely worth it! You get to see the whole show and queue areas!


I am not disturbed, just different…:ph34r:


No, no. I wasn’t implying you are disturbed.

But you are off kilter.:laugh: